Wednesday, June 29, 2011

21-Day Challenge, Workout 17-Baby Danil

This little guy's family is very close to traveling home with him.  The pictures on his Forever Family's blog are so fun.  They show his true 'all-boy' personality, and his love to run around in his underwear!  Must be a boy thing...I wouldn't know...yet. :)

Let us know how many reps of each exercise you finish in the 60 seconds.  And let us know how your arms feel by now!


  1. I did between 35 and 50 reps depending on the exercise. Feeling a little lazy. I usually do a lot more cardio in my workouts, but my life has been crazy the past few weeks so haven't done as much. At least I am keeping up with this (except day 14 I missed). Overall feeling good about the strength.

  2. Chest press: 47
    Push ups: 37
    Standing bicep curl: 48
    Sitting row with band: 48
    Triceps: 38

    Arms are sore!