Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Raise the Bar for Orphans

I can't put into words the feelings I'm experiencing from all your kind words and support in our decision to step out in faith and save this little boy.  I hope in 7 or more months he will be able to thank you himself.  I will need this continued support and encouragement, I'm sure, as the days get long and we are still waiting to bring him home.  So please, continue to lift us up in prayer as we move forward and stay connected as we update you on our progress.  So I won't hesitate any longer to inform you of our first fundraiser to bring home Blake.

It is called "Raise the Bar for Orphans."  It is a 21-Day Challenge
21 workouts.
21 days.
Can you do it?

This time around, the motivation to complete this challenge requires you to think beyond yourself and improve the life of a child.  Each day's workout will be dedicated to a child on Reece's Rainbow, so use him or her as your motivation to get out of bed and workout. 

Do it for their little faces.

Go here to sign up and donate the $20 or more entry fee.  You will receive your login information shortly after.  Challenge begins June 13th and runs through July 4.

Are you up for it?

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