Saturday, June 11, 2011

Moments Like These...

I can't help but go through my day sometimes wondering what this time next year will be like for our family. 

For example, we picked potatoes from our garden yesterday and while I dug up the potatoes Leah added to her worm collection (while Autum napped)...We ended up with quite a haul for only digging up one row!

I can't help but imagine what role Blake will play as the only boy in our clan of girls right now. 

Then we moved on to the swing set and monkey came to my realization we'll need to add room for one more swing.

Or will he be your typical boy climbing on top of the swing set poles and monkey bars instead of swinging...

And we are definitely going to have to get a bigger pool when we get together with friends on hot days like we had this week...

Or will he prefer to sit and sun bathe with his baby sister Autum, who wanted nothing to do with the pool at that point...

Now if only the next 5 months will go quickly so I don't have to keep guessing what he will be like...


  1. Anna--You will love having a boy to go with your girls! :) The climbing thing will definitely happen. He'll probably splash water on the girls in the pool and he will love digging in the garden and probably eat the dirt. . .:) And much more!! I'm hoping with you and praying for you! Jenny

  2. I'm thinking that pool looks hilarious - the pics make it look even smaller! I will definitley be getting a bigger one next year. The girls can barely sit in it together!

  3. i so love your pictures and your sweet boy waiting for you is adorable! God bless you for your kindness xxxxx