Tuesday, June 28, 2011

21-Day Challenge-Workout 16, Vlad V

His eyes remind me of Autum's, dark and piercing.  This little guy just caught my attention on the blog last week.  He's so sweet. Read more about him here 



  1. I'm lost about which day we're supposed to b on! Ugh! I guessit doesn't matter as long as we're doing the workouts in sequence??? I thought Baby Vlad was yesterday (Monday) and And Baby Danil today??? Why am I a perfectionist in getting this right, when in so many other areas I can't even get my act together??? Hahahaha. God has a sense of humor, I guess.

    So I did 35 knee push ups in 60 sec (I am LMHO at how fast Istart and how SLOW I am trying to eeeekkk out 1 more at the end!! But 2 weeks ago, I had trouble doing 10 push ups, so I'm quite STOKED!! My wrists didn't even hurt too bad!)

    I can't find my band (It's NOT packed, but it got MOVEDin the massive pre-selling-house clean-up, I guess!! Grrr!!)...so with 10 lb weights, I did 60 individual bicep curls (30 or r-l sequence as "1").

    And I did a whopping 31 tricep dips! I nearly died at about 17!! LOL!!

    Great workut after my run/walk! Thanks Anna!

  2. Took 7 minutes to do the prone back extension and situps. Walked as well today. My abdominals are very weak so Anna if you have advice on that, I would really welcome it.

  3. Just a note - I'm having oral surgery on Thursday and hopefully won't be in too much pain and can do the weekend workouts. I'll do my best and see how it goes!

  4. i did jump roping for 5 minutes for the cardio section. it took me 22 minutes to finish the 3 sets.

  5. Way to go ladies! This workout didn't look as tough, but turned out to be, huh! It is one of my favorite go-to workouts when I don't have a lot of time or equipment to dedicate to a workout. Anyway, keep it up!
    MK, I accidentally posted 2 workouts yesterday, so today should have been Day 15-Vlad V, tomorrow will be Danil--that was my fault..oops!

  6. okay to really confuse you, today is day 16..haha! Tomorrow will be day 17