Friday, May 19, 2017

Leah's 11th Birthday

Leah's 5th grade graduation

5th grade party at the Buhler Park

I was in charge of the T-Ball station, and the Kansas wind made the ball chasing through the parking lot SO MUCH FUN.

The kids opened up clues to Leah's birthday surprise everyday leading up to her actual birthday, which included these hats and shades, and Blake's sand bucket.

Church carnival to wrap up the 2-day celebration. With a Unicorn face paint.
The day before her birthday she was a nominee in her Library's Emmy Awards for the Best Movie Category. They didn't win.

Their 5th grade music class sang to the parents
Here's a quick snippet of their performance.

Leah said it was her "best day ever" because she also earned her Sunflower Reader points and bought a high-top pair of gray Converse tennis shoes, she got 2 new strappy tank/bra's from the Buckle, and she had her friend Madison Staib over for a sleepover. They did their nails, hair and make-up, watched movies, and played hide and seek.  

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