Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

I have to say my children are pretty blessed to have the daddy they do.  Nothing melts my heart more than the smiles he has when he walks in the door after work each day to 2 little girl's anxiously awaiting his arrival.  He has grown in so many ways, since becoming a daddy.  But I would have to say most recently the biggest thing I've seen change in him is his heart.  God has been working on him gently over the past few months to prepare him for this journey of adoption.  And looking back now, I can see how God meticulously planned it to happen in His perfect way.  In His perfect time.  No one else could have brought about this softness of spirit in his heart, but God.
I have to say I love this new gentleness of spirit I've seen come out of my man.  I won't lie, I still love his rugged, outdoorsy, man's man appeal--but I also am drawn to his desire to take this little boy, Blake, a child we've never met, but both feel very drawn too, into our home.  To become ours.  To support.  To save.  I'm not sure I've seen him give of himself so fully, step out in complete faith, and move in obedience to God's calling on our hearts--ever before.
Thank You Jesus, for revealing this side of my husband that only you have known about, to me.  I have to say I am really digging it.  Even if I only get glimpses of this man, between the outdoor channel marathons and bait shop talk...

 By the way, that is Leah's swimsuit.  We don't let her fish in a t-shirt and panties. :)

 Also, a mother I've gotten to know through this community of adoption is currently in the country we are adopting from and will be visiting the exact orphanage that Blake is living in tomorrow. Her little boy Joshua and Blake are very similar ages, so we naturally were drawn to each other through this interest.  She played a key role in advocating Blake to us through her journaling and pictures.  So we are forever indebted to her for this.  Her blog is Building our Village.  Check out the pictures she has already posted and keep checking in throughout the next few weeks as she goes through the same exact process we hope to be going through by December.

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