Tuesday, June 14, 2011

21-Day Challenge-Workout 2, Baby Olivia

Meet Olivia.
So sweet.  You all know I'm partial to chubby baby's!
Read her story here.

For today post how many rounds you made it through before the 15 minutes was up.  Are you sore from yesterday's workout?


  1. I did the workout 4 in 15 minutes. A little sore in my shoulders but not too bad. I am more sore in my bottom than anything.

  2. Made it through 3 rounds + 1 extra round of crunches. Oh yeah, you could say I'm sore! Loving the caboose & quad pain today, especially after repumping up my exercise ball (its had a long stint of vacation :)).

  3. My rear is sore today too!! Woo-hoo! But that's all really. I did 4 cycles plus one extra set of ab crunches in the 15 min. My knees did NOT like the jumping jacks (ran yesterday & have been drinking coffee..tsk! tsk!)....I did the jacks with a jumping squat movement instead for rounds 2-4. That caused no knee pain (but my rear will probably complain again tomorrow!!). Also...my computer isn't letting pictures of these cute babies on your blog come thru =( Waaaa. Praying for them anyway!! [account is calling me anonymous??? It's me, MKH!)

  4. I keep getting post after post of people's rear-ends hurting! hahaha. Must be that combination of lunges and squats, never a bad place to be sore, though. Hopefully you will add a good abdominal muscle soreness today and we'll have hit all the 'target' areas I complaints about in 2 workouts! Yay!
    MK, your name showed up as MK...haha.
    Can you guy's see Olivia's picture on your computers? 2 people have said they can't see the pictures...

  5. I can not see Olivia's picture Anna. I managed to get through todays exercise 3 1/2 times. I didn't use the ball because it was in a place that I would of woke one of my children getting it. Anyways, I started out unmotivated & wondering how I was going to get through it, but by the end I was energized. It was a nice feeling. As for being sore, I'm not sure what was added soreness & what was carrying over from my weekend activities. But my shoulders are pretty sore.

  6. 5 times through. Not sore, but might be tomorrow. I usually do alot of bum work, but not as many abs as I should! I can't see olivia's pic either? I have some blockers? Maybe will see if I can turn them off?