Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First road bump..

Okay, so today we received notice that the government of the country Blake lives in is restructuring it's State Department that handles all adoptions.  So as of July 11th no adoptions will take place for "approximately 3 months" while they make changes.  So while this is taking place we will be unsure as to what the new requirements will be to adopt from this country...such as age requirements, family size, financial obligations, different set of paperwork, etc.  The way our stateside assistants are making it sound-this restructuring will end up being a very good thing in hopes it will help streamline the adoption process and hopefully result in us getting Blake much easier and quicker.  But, we trust that God is bigger than this hiccup and we will choose to love Him more!  He knew about this law going into place way before we even felt His lead to adopt--so we will choose to:
Rest in His Perfect Peace.  
and continue to Praise God for Who He is. 
As part of this restructuring the country has cut their list of 'special needs' in half meaning that many families who were wanting to adopt a young child with a special need from this country may not be able to do so until he or she turns 5-years old now.  So please pray for those families who are feeling lost and helpless in this time of struggle, feeling like they have lost their child...there is potential that the list could be expanded so many are setting their hopes on this change to take effect.  Fortunately, Down Syndrome is still on the list as a 'special need' so we are safe in this aspect so far in our adoption of Blake.  But many other's aren' PLEASE keep all these families who have become very near and dear to our hearts and minds in your prayers. 

So for us for now, we will continue on with our paperwork and fundraising and pray and fast fervently while we watch God work.
He knows us more than we know ourselves.
He loves us more than we can fathom.
His understanding and wisdom far surpasses our capabilities of knowing.
He is in control.
What an amazing God is He. 


  1. Your family, Blake and all the other orphans will be in my prayers during this transition/change in course.

  2. Love Baby Kenney! He is adorable! Did my workout. Felt good to stretch. I was pretty tired after yesterday's workout, so thanks for the reprieve Anna! Anna, I will pray that you have patience in waiting.

  3. What an adorable smile this little boy has. I am so sorry to hear of the complications in this country. I'll be praying. I missed yesterdays workout, but did do todays. I felt more relaxed afterwards & when I went to grab the Baking Powder,(on the top shelf) I didn't have to get as high up on my tippy toes. maybe it was coincidental, but I always struggle to reach that Baking powder. I guess I need to stretch more often :) I also noticed that there are some muscles I must never work. I hurt doing the bow stretch. Is this just me?

  4. Angela, several people have commented on that. It's all part of yoga and relaxing into the stretch...this stretch our bodies naturally tend to resist, therefore making our joints hurt--you'll get another chance to practice these stretches next week, so just a head's up.