Saturday, July 4, 2015

Month of May

Redneck tubing in the's like 2' deep :)

Blake at swimming lessons.



Backyard swimming.

View out my kitchen window <3

Fishing in the neighbor's pond

Blake caught his first fish ever! HE LOVED it. Daddy was pretty proud too.  He clapped. Jumped. Yelled. Threw his hands in the air... (Blake did, that is)

Autum helped Blake catch a fish, and she accidentally hooked one...realized it was on her line, dropped the pole and ran for the car.

I took a snooze sunbathing while they were swimming...I woke up and looked up to see this. :)

Backyard fun!

Swim lessons :)

Date night with Daddy.
Autum wanted to mow too, but hated the grass getting her shoes we compromised.

Did some home workouts.

Went out to eat with Mimi and Papa and Baby Luke

Took a tired, worn out before a long trip home family vacation pic!

Went swimming!!

Started summer school...rode the bus the first time!

Loved on our little explorer buddy, Luke

Rode the 4-wheeler

Wanted "hugs"

We tried to play Daddy.

We went to CoCo Keys Water Resort for Leah's 9th birthday! Celebrated with the fam.

Completed "Murph" CrossFit HERO WOD as a family

Played at Mimi and Papa's in Oklahoma

Started mowing the grass at the ripe 'ol age of 9!