Wednesday, May 30, 2012

To Gain or To Lose

Gaining weight or losing weight revolves around the same idea.

I approached Blake's need for weight gain very carefully.  There were several reasons for this.  One being, I knew Blake's body was very stressed due to orphanage life the first 2 year's of his life, due to not knowing us very well yet, due to environmental changes, time changes, emotional changes, physical changes, and sensory changes.  So his adrenal glands were pumping out cortisol at a high rate to deal with this major life event that just took place in his life.  I knew because his body was carrying such a heavy load from this trauma, that I didn't want to throw heavy carbohydrates, high fat foods at him--just for his scale numbers to go up.  I figured that his immune system would drop in its defenses which means his cell function would decrease.  Less T-cells to fight off viruses and infections, parasites, worms, and whatever else his system might have been carrying.  When the body is stressed, it goes into protective mode, releasing lots of inflammation response hormones.  Cortisol, adrenaline, norepinephrine.  Excessive forms of sugar, saturated fats, cholesterol, and refined foods--ones you typically think of consuming when needing to 'gain' weight, further add to the stress. 

I wanted Blake to gain 'good' weight: muscle, body fat...not inflammation and water retention.  I knew there was a fine balance between choosing carbohydrates, enough protein, and sufficient fats.  If I gave him strictly protein sources, only a small amount of serotonin is produced (which I explained in the post before this), which can lead to depression, irritation, and sugar cravings.  And could place a stress on his kidneys.  If I gave him carbohydrate-rich meals, it could lead to insulin spikes and overproduction of serotonin.  If I didn't give him enough fats, there would be less leptin produced and the body would trigger the brain that it needs to eat more.

So I took an anti-inflammatory approach to what he eats...
I cook with onions, mushrooms, and garlic.  He eats gluten-free/wheat-free grains.  Sauerkraut.  Almond/Rice/Coconut milk.  Red, blue fruits to help with his GI system, and for antioxidants.  Cruciferous many as I can get him to eat anyway.  Fish oil.  I add flaxseeds to all of his baked goods.  Vitamin D in his multivitamin chewable.  Probiotics. B-Vitamins.  Colostrum to help boost his immune system. 

One thing I've also noticed is that his blood sugar is an issue.  So the timing of when he eats is really important too.  He gets really whiny and moody every so many hours.  This was worst when we first brought him home because his digestive system was so weak and wasn't processing the food appropriately.  It would sit in his gut and ferment.  And it would also 'leak' through the holes in his small intestine and seep into his bloodstream-further causing an inflammatory response as the body reacted to it like a foreign substance that needed to be removed.  But back to my first point, it would leave him hungry more often. So I would really pay attention to his mood and activity levels throughout the day and try to get food in him regularly.  I notice he does not need to eat as often now that his gut is beginning to heal.   Read this article--it explains it best.

In addition to blood sugar, the timing of when I feed him is also crucial to his alertness, cognitive ability, and focus.  I try to give him a high-protein meal at breakfast, and taper that off as evening comes.  Because sleeping is an issue for him, I try to do a higher carbohydrate meal (not junk food) at night to trigger the release of tryptophan in the brain...and therefore induce better rest.   Which is crucial for stress-relief, weight gain and weight loss.  Probably one of the most important contributors to weight gain and weight loss. 

Again this process of weight gain took about 6 months, before I noticed a real change in his appearance and muscle tone.  Mainly because it involves hormone changes, better sleep, a less-stressed body=less cortisol production, a healthy gut, improved muscle tone, and more energy.  (*note-these are the same things that need to be addressed when losing weight as well)

Pictures from one of the first days we met Blake at his orphanage in Ukraine.
5 1/2 Months Later!!  CHUBS!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Nutrition Can Prevent So Many Issues

I am kind of 'granola' as a friend of mine would say.  In that I love anything and everything nutritionally-related.  But not your typical Food-Pyramid-prescribing, dietitian...I tend to take a more holistic approach. A natural one.

This always draws lots of comments from the weight room.  I will make a comment about feeling weak one day or worn out...and I usually follow this comment up with something about my nutrition intake being off...and I usually draw an eye-roll or two from a few people and then a comment to the effect of me always blaming everything on nutrition...haha!  I'm used to taking the kidding by now, mostly because I FIRMLY believe nutrition effects everything we do, feel, think, how we heal, how often we get sick, how we sleep, how we move, how we gain or lose weight, how we are diagnosed, and on and on.

I was recently affirmed by a medical professional, in my previous research that: 80% of our immune system is located in our GUT!  Can you believe that??

So...if we have unhealthy digestion systems we are unhealthy.  Period.

I will most likely break this post into segments, because I have a lot to say on this subject.  And Blake and Leah are my testimony to how important nutrition is to our health and healing. 

I'll start with Blake's healing regimen. Of course I wanted to address his nutrition first, so that's where we started.  Before taking any medications.

So the first thing we did when we brought him home was to get him started on probiotics. Based on what I saw and smelled in the kitchen while visiting him in his orphanage, and knowing the condition of the water in Ukraine, I knew his tummy would not be in good shape.  So I wanted to work to balance the bad bacteria in his gut with good...thus the probiotics.  This would also get his bowels working regularly to cleanse his system.

One thing I noticed while in Ukraine, though, was that they are 'ahead' of us in regards to our health because they do not process their foods.  Whole grains are whole grains.  Vegetables are fresh or frozen.  Meat is untouched, literally.  Eyeballs and all still intact.  They don't add 'flavors' like glutamate or MSG to their foods to mess with our taste buds and make us think we want more to eat.  Milk is served warm, unpasteurized, unhomogenized.  What you see is what you get.  But this is where I messed up.  When we got home, I was very particular that Blake was eating good whole wheat products, fruits and vegetables, and whole fresh milk and lots of protein.  What I didn't take into account was just how sensitive he would be to our Americanized food.  Even what we consider unprocessed, is...he broke out in a rash on his elbows and his face developed a raw, red look.  Our pediatrician diagnosed him as having eczema.  This stumped me, because he didn't have any of these issues while in Ukraine.  None of his medical records we were given showed him as having eczema or the like.  So I KNEW it had to be nutrition-related.

I immediately took him off of all wheat products and all dairy.  No wheat, oats, rice, grains, corn, milk, cheese, yogurt, nothing.  We instead ate lots of farm-fresh eggs, ground-fed beef, venison, fruits and vegetables of all kinds. I baked with coconut flour, tapioca flour, brown rice flour, and used sweeteners like honey and maple syrup, and raw, shredded coconut.  We also ate a lot of avocados for good fats. 

This was how he looked after just a month being in our home.  See how red his cheeks are?
I also added anti-fungal drops to his nightly dose of vitamin C, colostrum, melatonin (to sleep), and flaxseed oil. I mixed this all in applesauce before bed.  I knew he probably had a yeast build-up called candida, from all the high-starchy foods they fed him while in the orphanage so that's why I added the anti-fungal drops.  I believe this is some of what was coming out on his skin.  A yeast infection.  From what I've learned, most skin issues that come out are directly related to something internally that is imbalanced, whether it be pH, bacteria, hormones, etc. Or that many skin-related issues are due to dairy sensitivities or allergies.  My guess was it came from both issues, and his body was trying to cleanse itself and the skin was the last defense in fighting it off. 

It took several months to see noticeable changes (and this is where most people get hung up...the waiting because traditional medicine takes time), but slowly the redness began to subside, it quit peeling, his elbows were not as rough and red.  People even began to comment on how much better he was looking. 

But in addition to this, other noticeable changes were happening that I wasn't necessarily focused on at the time.  First off, probably the first few months home he constantly had a runny nose.  Yucky, green, runny boogers were constantly coming down his face.  I knew he didn't have an infection, per say, but that he was cleansing.  His body was ridding itself of all the yeast, toxins, parasites, etc. through his respiratory system.  So this was actually a good thing--that most times people treat as a bad one.  We used lots of tei fu oil under his ears to help with drainage and to prevent ear infections and I would sometimes supplement with some fenugreek to help keep the mucus thin.  This has nearly subsided. Secondly, I noticed he began to eat better.  He started gaining weight!  That was another big issue we needed to address, and it happened as his digestive system improved and was able to transport nutrients to his body.  I also noticed his energy levels improve.  He also seemed less fussy and whiny.  His poop also began to lessen in smell.  Instead of sending everyone reeling, like when he first arrived home, when he poops now, it is noticed--but not deadly.  This again is due to the infection being healed and the parasites being removed.  His thyroid levels are nearly normal now.  And his protein levels are up to normal levels as well.  Again, all of this is just because of a diet change. No medications.

This is one of the most recent pictures I have of him now and notice how much healthier he looks!
What I'm just now starting to notice is that he is more aware of things around him.  He verbalizes more, he is pretty much running everywhere.  He can focus and pay attention.  He reacts quicker to things.  He is overall more happy.  His skin feels much softer and smooth. He is just coming alive! I know part of this is because we've been home 6 months now, and everyone says that is the magical month when things start to improve...but I also believe it is because he is healthier.  All because his gut is healthier. 

Biologically, one reason fro this is due to the fact that serotonin levels are balanced too.  Most serotonin is again found in the gut.  Serotonin plays a role in emotions, perceptions, appetite, sleep, temperature regulation (thyroid), insulin control, cardiovascular regulation, impulse control, controls pain, and ability to self-regulate.  

*knock on wood* We have had no colds, no flu's, no respiratory infections, no ear infections, no nothing. 

I will explain more nutritional changes we've made over the past 6 months that have also made a tremendous difference in his health in a later post.  So you can peg me as granola or roll your eyes like the rest of them, but this is real for me.  I can see the real improvements being made all because of the nutritional improvements and modifications we are making. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Monkey See...Monkey Do...

This was how last night's dinner played out.  These 2 little boogers are really forging a ornery one at that.  Autum makes sure her big brother is taken care of...
She goes and gets a rag to help wipe his nose when he starts his infamous farmer's blowing...
She gets his cup out and takes it to him when she gets a drink...
She goes and gets his shoes for him when we get ready to go outside...
She gets his pacifier and blankie out at night when we are winding down for the evening.
She shows him how to throw his food on the floor so he gets in trouble.
She refuses to share any snacks with him...just the green ones.

She's actually quite the little mama.  And I love that about her.  I think she'll be his #1 fan in life, and that is something only God could have created in her big 'ol heart.  It's not something I can teach her.  It's already in her. 

Here you will see how Autum has taught her brother to shake his head "NO"...when they are done eating.  Watch for yourself.
*FYI: I am trying to save on they are eating naked :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Circus life...what?

Often I get asked how I am dealing with the craziness in our lives with 3 "little's"...2 of them essentially being twins.  And I laugh now because it no longer feels like chaos or craziness to me.  I think either I've gotten used to being busy, crazy, and on the go all the time, or else God is extending me LOTS of grace as I go through this transition into our new way of doing life.

Here are a couple of examples of life as it is now.

I chose to take all 3 kids + 1 friend for Leah to Dillon's grocery store with me.  I put the babes in the car attachment on the front of the basket and the 'big' girls walked along with me as I shopped.  Other than having to be careful that the babies wandering arms didn't swipe anything off the aisle display cases, we were moving along well.  Better than I expected, actually.  I was beginning to feel like Super Mom, telling myself I could do this...well, that award would quickly be stripped away when I bent down to grab some canned tomatoes off the bottom shelf and was hit by a flying shoe coming out of the front car the babies were riding in.  I immediately knew it had to be Blake...he throws EVERYTHING.  Well, as I reached in to scold him I was met with Autum's little ornery grin.... Blake!

My heart skipped about 5 beats before I reacted to the situation.  I told the big girls to watch Autum and I took off running down the aisles I had been through, Blake!  Ahhhh!  He had his squeaker shoes on but chose to discard the one shoe that the squeaker still works in so I was left with nothing to lead me to him.  I eventually made it down to the produce section only to find a small crowd of Dillon's employees circled around something, clapping and smiling.  BINGO!  I found him, front and center...just as happy as could be, sitting on the floor, cheesing it up for the attention...just him and a bunch of bananas..his favorite! I should have known...


A few days later I HAD to take all 3 kids to the DMV...because the 3 previous trips by myself left me empty-handed due to statewide computer glitches.  So I drug all 3 kids up the cement steps of the rickety old courthouse to wait in line.  I sat each child in a chair, equipped them with a box of animal crackers each, and went to speak with the clerk.  After she tells me she doesn't have everything she needs from me to complete the registration, I about lose it.  She kindly makes some phone calls to obtain the information and save me another drive over, but is put on hold.  This 'hold' turned into what seemed hours...because all 3 kids finished off their cookies, drinks, and were no longer entertained by the chairs.  Blake jumped down first and took off down the hallway.  Leah grabbed him and carried him back to the chair.  During this time I realize I left my checkbook in the van, so I send Leah out to get it.  She comes back with a piece of paper with scribbles on it and tells me she didn't find it.  I describe the location again and send her on her way the 2nd time....I watch out the window as she searches, has a meltdown and starts throwing stuff out of my van onto the sidewalk.  So...I grab Blake and Autum and begin the trek back down the mile of stairs, out to the van...we are halfway out there, and Leah, knowing I'm aggravated, finds the checkbook and sprints past me with it-back up the we all turn around, head back up and into the building.  I find her sitting at the top of the stairs, checkbook in hand...smiling.  She asks "what took you so long? I've been waiting a while!"

Grrrrr....I go back in to finish the process and realize Blake has disappeared again. I take off only to find him in the County Attorney's office, banging on the window, and licking the glass.  Then I hear some screaming...I return to the DMV office to find Autum hanging by her shorts on the lobby chair, both legs dangling, arms waving, and tears streaming in panic because she can't get down.  Luckily Leah got the 'look of death' after her last stunt, that she made the wise decision to sit quietly and wait.

Well, we finally leave in one piece...with my patience shot.  But we got the registration!  And everyone else waiting in line got entertainment.

And lastly...

Don't let this innocent picture fool you. :)
We decided to take our chances and stay out late last night to attend an ice cream social with our Sunday School class at the park.  Leah chose not to eat supper, so she was informed that she would not get any ice cream.  She quickly nodded 'uh huh, okay' and ran out the door after hearing this rule.  Of course she forgets about the time we get there and head over to get the ice cream.  She asks why she can't have any and I remind her of our previous conversation.  To that she states...
"Well, sh**....Gosh dangit!"  

After smothering my laughter and embarrassed face and ignored the gaping looks from other moms, she spent some time in her daddy's lap while watching everyone else have fun.

Oh boy!  Here we go... 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Wonder Why...?

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  I've been busy.  I have physical therapy once a month, speech therapy once a month, Early Intervention 1-2 times a month, chiropractic and nutrition appointments 2 times a month, visits to the park 2-3 times a week, play dates 1-2 times a week, and whatever else comes up...and that's just my typical monthly happenings.  My big sissy has a long list of social engagements she thinks she needs to be at or host herself and my little sissy is usually just around for the ride...pacifier in her mouth, finger in her belly button and life is good for her!

Since being in my new home 6 months now, I have started to learn the lay of the land, how things work, and usually when things will happen.  But I still have a few questions, I just don't seem to understand...

Here is a list of questions I have...
1. Like why everyone acts like they are out of breath about can't breathe when I let off some gas or fill my diaper. I'm pretty sure that little chubby tag-along, my sis, does the same thing and no one runs out of the room when she does it.

2.  Or why taking off all of my clothes while riding in the stroller on our morning walks is such a big gets hot in there, you know?

3. I also don't understand why Mommy freaks out so much when I practice my "farmers' blow" snot-blowing skills while she's driving us around in the van.  Some days I can really get some big ones flowing if I get enough air behind it. 

4.  I still haven't figured out what is the big deal about all of Mommy's big bound books she keeps in the kitchen...I only pull out a few pages at a time, then rip the binding off the back, before I scatter the pages around the house.

5.  I can't get over how effective little chubby girl's high-pitch, shrill, scream is at getting Mommy or Daddy's attention...still working on that.

6. Why does the bathtub water only have to stay in the bath tub?  I just don't get it...

7.  I'm still trying to figure out why my applesauce I take before bed at night makes me SO sleepy...that stuff is like magic.  A few bites of the applesauce and I'm out! 

8. I still don't see why all of my clothes have to stay in  my drawers...they are WAY more accessible and easy to see when they are thrown all over my room.  Plus I can crawl in the empty drawers easier if they are empty.

9. I still don't get why Mommy gets me in and out of  my high chair at dinner time to pick up my food off the floor, after I've purposefully thrown it there...I just don't want it on my tray...she still doesn't seem to get that...seems like a lot of wasted energy on her part if you ask me.

10.  I still haven't figured out why everyone only throws certain things in the trash can, and not others.  Lately I've been been throwing all the things I find on the floor in there--seems logical to me...Daddy's new shoes he left out, Mommy's tupperware out of the dishwasher, Big sissy's purse, puzzle pieces...and sometimes while I'm throwing things away I find new treasures in the trash can I can't live dirty diapers, food wrappers, pop bottles...

11.  I don't understand why all the cords behind the TV and DVD player need to stay there, looks like a mess of knots that need attention if you ask me...

12.  Or why I can't use my new bucket and shovel in the biggest area of dirt we have in our backyard...there are now lots of green leafy looking things sprouting out of the ground that just need picked, and after Mommy waters it all, the plants pull out of the ground that much easier.

13.  And finally, I don't understand why Mommy keeps putting green food items on my tray to eat...I've made it very clear that they are YUCKY...hince the reason they hit the floor and the wall first. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This is How We Roll...

Today's is Leah's "real" birthday.  I labored all night with her after being induced TWICE...she finally made her appearance!  2 weeks late!  She arrived at 6:35 am.  She came out with a head full of red hair. 

We watched some home videos of her as a baby last night and she was glued to the TV.  She kept asking "why is that girl doing that?" (referring to herself)  But I found myself just as glued to the video unfolding as well...6 years has gone by since then?  Some days it seems like an eternity ago, some days like a breath ago...I had forgotten so many things about her already.  She loved bath time.  Looking out windows.  She rarely cried.  Ever.  She was content to play on the floor by herself with toys.  She never liked cuddling.  She loved being around people.  Would let anyone hold her.  She laughed and smiled all the time.  Her red hair always attracted attention and admiring comments.  (still does today)  She was always wiggling and moving.  She loved being outside.

Well, to celebrate we had her family party on Saturday and I'm finally getting the pictures posted.  She ruled the roost that day, as you can tell by these pics.  She requested that everyone sing her happy birthday, that everyone tell people it was her birthday, that everyone wear Indian headresses, that everyone eat cake and ice cream, that everyone bring her a gift, that everyone have fun. 

And so we did.
She requested candles that blow out this year, after last year's trick candles did her in.
She changes clothes about 50 times a day, so you will notice a chance of outfit here.
Even the Great Grandmas got in on the dress-up action.
And the Mimi's and Autum
Playing with Elmo time
Stealing Autum's juice cup at lunch time.
A kind of "sisterly" hug when it was all over.
A picture just to embarrass my dad.  The things grandparents will do to make their grandchildren laugh...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Leah's Birthday

Saturday we celebrated Leah's 6th birthday party.
6....WOW!  For some reason that is starting to sound old.  5 still seemed like a 'little' kid to me..but when you say 6...phew..that's only 4 years until 10!  I don't even want to go there.

As I wrote before, she was SUPER pumped about this party.  She sent me on a Scavenger hunt earlier in the week...and after the clue for the next sticky note's location she wrote "DON'T FORGET. LEAH WOODS BIRTHDAY PARTY"...the hunt ended with one big note saying the same thing.

Everywhere we went last week, people were alerted of this big day for her.  The grocery store clerk, the DMV clerk, the vehicle inspector, the stranger we met on the street, the neighbor kids, her Sunday School teacher, kindergarten teacher, her daycare provider, the para that works in her classroom...

So she was up at 6 am the day of the party asking how much longer until all the grandma/grandpa's, aunts and uncles arrived. 

"Honey, 3 hours, 45 minutes..."
"Leah, 3 hours, 35 minutes..."
"3 hours, 25 minutes..."
"We still have a while..."
"AHHHH...ask again and the party is canceled!!!"

Well, the moment arrived and was gone in a flash.  She flew through her gifts, after I had already caught her peeking in them earlier that morning.  She has no idea how loved she is...let me tell you.  That girl will never go without...being the first grandchild on both sides has its perks!

I was excited to give her all of her gifts, but what I was MOST excited to share with her was that our Prayer Warrior Child, Nadine, the little girl that started this adoption for us,

Our prayers were heard, the Spirit moved on hearts, and someone answered the call. 
I was so excited for Leah to hear and see how God moves.  And also to get to share that moment with her, as we have prayed so hard this past year for this to happen.  I told her the news and she was SO excited...she couldn't believe it.  She had lots of great questions and we had a great conversation about it.  Then she asked me if we could choose another child to pray for to find a family.  This is what I LOVE about this child...her big heart and concern for others. 

So I'm emailing today to inquire about another Prayer Warrior Child.

After the party was over, Leah said again how excited she was for Nadine...but then said...

"I just don't get it, though.  I prayed for Jesus to take the thunder away the other night and He said...(in a robot-sounding, monotone voice) "Noooo....IIIIII....wooooonnnnn't.....sorrrrrryyyyy."

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mama's Prayers

I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. 
They have clung to me all my life.
                                                                     -Abraham Lincoln

I love this quote because quite honestly it is something I have come to realize and deeply appreciate when reflecting on my life up until now.  I think back to all the "shoulda," "coulda," "woulda" moments in my life growing up that were most definitely influenced by my mother's prayers for me. 

My salvation as a young child. Prayers of my Mom.

Good friends who influenced me in good ways growing up.  Prayers of my Mom.

Convictions about my lifestyle during my early years in college.  Prayers of my Mom.

Meeting my husband.  Prayers of my Mom.

My courage to overcome injuries and illness that plagued me during my college sports years.  Prayers of my Mom.

Being able to look back and see God's purpose in these trialsPrayers of my Mom. 

Safety.  Prayers of my Mom. 

Having a Christ-like compassion for others.  Prayers of my Mom.

Experiencing the blessing of having my own children.  Prayers of my Mom.

Our relationship as mother/daughter now.  Prayers of my Mom.

Continued spiritual growth in life.  Prayers of my Mom.

I look back at this list and smile because I KNOW in my heart there are so many situations that did or did not occur simply because of the sweet intercessions whispered to Heaven by my mother, for me.  And as I pray for my children now, I pray the Holy Spirit will intercede for my children just as he did for me. 

I pray that He will fight for their souls.  Whatever it takes.  I pray that they will know Him in their own way, and in their own affections--not through mine.  I pray that they will fall in love with Christ and choose to follow Him at all costs, knowing and experiencing the true joy that only comes from above.  That they will live in faith day by day relying on His provision for them.  And that they will love on others in the overflow of love in their hearts through their relationship with Christ.   

 But mostly, I want to thank my mom for her continued prayers throughout my life.  I constantly thank God for her and her persistence in praying for me.  And for opening my eyes to just how influential her prayers were on my life up until now. 
Starting to like his Grandma by now.
Blake's first look at his Grandma while still in the orphanage.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More like siblings

As we near 6 months of Blake being in our home, not just in our hearts, I have realized that he is really starting to act like a little brother and the girl's are treating him like one.

  • Autum's getting really good at getting him in trouble.  Like encouraging him to throw his food on the floor at dinner time...then when I arrive to make them clean up the mess and get on them, she points her finger at Blake...and slaps her own hand, to show me what to if it was all his fault.
  • Blake is getting really good at sneaking food from Autum's snack tray during stroller rides.  He'll stick his foot in her face which makes her lie back, and then he quickly reaches his hand over and steals her snacks.  Although he wasn't quick enough, Friday...she left a full set of teeth marks on his arm, as a result.  
  • Blake likes to sneak into Leah's room while she's getting ready for school in the mornings and steal her book bag.  He'll proceed to take off running with it and laughing (like Pee-Wee Herman).
  •  Blake loves being chased by Autum.  He'll swipe her pacifier (AKA "Lifeline) and take off running...and grunting...and laughing...while she follows screaming.
  • No one can lie on the floor anywhere in the house without him coming full speed running, screaming, with his arms in the air, and finishing with a full belly flop across your face!

Instead of trying to explain all the madness, I'll let you see for yourself.
Like taking Baby Sis's water bottle at Field Day.
Like dumping water all over Big Sis while she was trying to pose for a picture.
Like eating his sister's goat food that I bought for her to feed the goats with...doubt it was gluten-free!

I apologize this last video is blurry and has lines through it.  So far this weekend, Autum broke my iPod and it is no longer working, ripped half of the keys off the keyboard, and threw my video camera in the sink full of water...(hince the colored lines, I'm just thankful it is still semi-working)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Glimpses of My Day

This is what you find when the house is too quiet in the mornings...notice Autum has no diaper on...these 2 started out fully clothed before this pic...

We joined Leah for sack lunches at school before she had Play Day...evidently no one liked their ham!
 This is what happens when Blake takes Autum's milk cup without asking and chugs it down!

This is a fall waiting to happen...*note Leah's left ankle

...Yep I called it.

This is Post-Play Day Fun in the backyard...

This is Blake trying to run away from me when I said "it's time to go inside!"  Note he is shirtless again...he's getting good at stripping down on his own!

And this is Leah patiently waiting for me to round up the 2 babies so we can go inside and eat....she's getting so good at this waiting game!