Wednesday, June 22, 2011

21-Day Challenge-Workout 10, Baby Sergey


This little boy is special to me because me because his mommy was a key factor in helping us make our decision to adopt.  She and I began emailing back and forth a long time ago, just after she began this adoption process with her husband and their kids!  She and I prayed and fasted together, over long distance emailing and phone calls.  She is hoping to bring baby Sergey home in July or August.  Say a prayer for the Farley family today! Read their story at

For today's workout, let me know how you are feeling by this second week...


  1. Today did a 30min video then 21 x through the exercises (all thought the push ups were motified toward the middle a bit). Feeling fine! Stretches yesterday were good, allthough I likely rushed them. I seem to have a problem relaxing and taking time for things like Yoga. Maybe I will focus on flexability some.

  2. Oh, yeah, also Sergy is cute! What a neat large family to love him!

  3. Glad there is a little more strength work this week...I need it! In general I am feeling very healthy! I LOVE that I can now just "run up the stairs" mulitple times in a row (due to forgetting things! Ack!) without making a concentrated effort to remember everything the ONE time I go up. I used to dread going up my stairs cuz it would hurt my knees so badly! Heck, most of the time I'd shout at jacob to throw something down to me, ormake him runt he stairs for me! Lol. He even noticed that I'm not asking him for so many "favors"...Hahahaha! Yeah for finally getting in shape! Thanks for perservering with me over the YEARS, Anna!

  4. Wow Mb, 21 times through! I only managed 14 & even modified the pushups. I'm also working on a lot of muscle fatigue today too, maybe that slowed me down some or maybe your just a super woman :) Anyways, way to go MK on your improvements! It sure feels good to feel good doesn't it?

  5. I made it through the exercises 17X this morning (also with modified push ups). At this point I am also feeling more in shape but also continue to be sore. It always feels great when I finish a about endorphins!

  6. My arms feel like jello! I feel good from yesterday's yogo, but I'm sure to be sore tomorrow! I made it through 15 times!