Tuesday, June 28, 2011

5 Going on 15!

 So this past weekend Leah had the honor of being a flower girl in Jerad's cousin's wedding in Oklahoma City. 

She was so excited.  I couldn't help but think how fast this time will go and someday she will be the woman in the white dress--not the one climbing the candelabras and jumping between the pews.  But then I got sad, so I immediately returned my thoughts to the joyous time we had this weekend and how perfect our little red-head performed on her big day.

Here are just a few of the memories...

She even had her own dance with the ring bearer, who had equally as much energy and charisma!

She was so excited about her job in the wedding that she practiced in the motel before the 'big event.'

She held her own with the 'big' girls, observing every step the girl's 
made throughout the day and doing her best to fit in.
 ..and to finish it all off, a dance with the groom.  She is already talking about the next wedding she'll get to be the flower girl in...too bad it is a year away!

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