Monday, June 13, 2011

21-Day Challenge, Day 1-Baby Isaac

Baby Isaac-Read more about his story here .

Record how long it takes you to complete the 5 sets of each exercise in today's blog.

Cardio Bonus for Today:
Walk/Jog/Run/Bike/Swim, etc. for 5 minutes at a fast pace.  Rest or go slower for 1 minute.
Work hard for 4 minutes.  Rest or go slow for 2 minutes.
Work hard for 3 minutes.  Rest or go slow for 3 minutes.
Work hard for 2 minutes. Rest or go slow for 4 minutes.
Work hard for 1 minute.  Rest or go slow for 5 minutes.
Repeat 2 times without stopping.


  1. Baby Isaac's workout took me 8 minutes. I used 10 lb weights. I also did my own cardio bonus (Peak 8 intervals = 20min of walk/run combo). Hoping to swim tonight too...but won't push it...just strong and sprints!!=) MK

  2. OK...think I finally fixed my google accounts, so I don't have to be anonymouse anymore!! Lol!

  3. I didn't time myself on the workout this morning, but I know I started sometime around 5:30 & was done around 5:45. I used 5lb weights, but only on the shoulder press's. My body was already very sore from my extensive gardening effort this weekend, so I decided not to push it. Anyways, what a beautiful child Isaac is! Lord willing he'll be in his new home soon.

  4. Did my workout with 5 lb. weights. Tried 3 lb weights but that was not cutting it. Took 10 minutes. Working on doing the bonus workout. Will involve walking and swimming.

  5. Not Woods:)- finished workout in 7 minutes. Anna...could we possibly also get the cardio bonus workouts the day before because i do that type of workout super early in the morning because it is HOT after I get off work? Thanks a bunch!

  6. You can do the cardio any time, I have only added it as a bonus to a few of the workouts.

  7. Didn't read this until now (did the work out early this am), so didn't time myself. Did it once through the right way maybe 10min? Then repeated with 10rep intervals and 10lb wt. Did my own short cardio thing also.