Sunday, June 19, 2011

21-Day Challenge-Workout 7, Baby Alexander

 Baby Alexander is no longer a baby, he is now 5-years old and faces going to the institution in his country very soon.  Children of this age are at high risk of dying within the first year of life in a institution.  He is adorable!

For today's workout: let us know what type of recreational activity you did and if anyone participated with you!


  1. Actually did a long run yesterday and counted that as my rec activity, then a shorter faster run today followed by the sit ups from yesterday's workout. Will hit the pool with the family today, but that usually doesn't consitute exercise.

  2. Ran/walked with the dog!! Does that count? It was exercise...and a bit of family!! THEN...I watched a TON of Jacob's basketball--he sure did sweat and get a workout...can I count that??? HAhahahaha!

  3. only had time for a walk before work this morning.