Friday, June 17, 2011

21-Day Challenge-Workout 5, Big Boy Nathan

Nathan is an older child that needs a Forever Family. You can read more about him here.

For today's workout, let me know where you are the most sore..where are you really feeling it?

Today's Cardio Bonus:
Go as hard as you can at your cardio of choice for 30 seconds, then rest 20 seconds...repeat this 16 times (or as many times as you can)


  1. Nathan is such a sweet looking boy. I finally got to see Olivia & she is so precious. I just wanted to reach into the computer & hold her myself :) I kind of struggled with the hip lift today because for some reason I had pains flowing through my left leg. But it was only while I did the hip lift. The rest went well, as a matter of fact I forgot I was suppose to stop at 15 for the bridge & just kept going. Of course the music gave the perfect beat to just keep on going. Anyways, the muscle I can feel it the most in is my inner thighs.

  2. I felt the exercises today the most in my hamstrings. :)

  3. I felt it in my hamstrings, bottom, and abs. I will see if I can get the cardio bonus done. Probably in the pool.

  4. Sorry I haven't been able to post for a couple of days! It's a sure sign of busyness when I don't take time to sit at the computer at all!!

    Workouts have been good. I did Cardio day (Baby Daisey) in the pool. It was a little weird to "start and stop" so much, but I think I stuck pretty close to to the rest/slow pace intervals.

    As for Yoga stretches, LOVE em! Except my knees will not let me do the Reclining Hero pose =( I tried it numerous different ways, but I just cannot sit on my heels like that and lean back (I can lean forward or sit straight up). OUCH!! Like, serious knee pain. Since both patellas have been surgically anchored, I'm sure it's fine...but I decided not to push it. [SO ANNA, is this just tightness or a knee issue??] I found I could lean back if I stayed on my knees, but didn't actually sit on my feet (can't remember the name of that yoga pose with arms out front as you recline back stretching quads??--swan??)...THEN I also discovered I can do the pose partially if I use my arms behind me for support. My son was laughing at me hysterically trying to figure all of this out...but I was determined!

    As for today's workout, I felt the lifts in my hams and my glutes! Go away thighs and butt!!

    I did a run/walk cardio this morning (Peak 8)...will try the bonus you detailed in the pool tonight if it doesn't storm!!!

  5. Wow, the hamstring workout today may make me a bit sore! Otherwise a little bit of lat abd soreness, but feeling good. Hope to do the cardio bonus a little later! LOVE nathan's sweet face!

  6. Cardio bonus was hard in the pool! Ended up being more like 30 sec hard, 30 sec slower.....didn't want to break up pool lengths...counting is hard enough! Lol!