Friday, June 24, 2011

21 Day Challenge-Workout 12-Baby Sterling

Grab This!

This little guy's family committed to adopting him about the same exact time that we did.  His mother and I have emailed back and forth as we go through the same experiences together involving paperwork, emotions, and insecurity in fundraisers, etc.  But it has been so amazing becoming a part of this new 'family' through our journey to adopt Blake.  So pray for Sterling today, and you can go to their family blog to read more.

For today's workout, let me know how many reps you were able to do for the the 1:30 time span.


  1. So....I have always been reeeaally bad at doing the bicycle and often lack the self control not to drop my feet mutliple times. After doing the 20 and 30 sec. intervals I decided to switch to crunches on my exercise ball so that I could be sure not to cheat myself. During the 1:30 time I was able to do 41 crunches.

  2. Haha, I appreciate your you put your feet down because its hard or just because you forget? Either way is great, you worked your abs all the same! You should challenge your dad to this workout! :)

  3. I managed to do 260 reps all together, but did not do the final 1:30 due to pain in my left leg. I have no clue why, but lately my left leg has been bugging me. Anyways, I just realized that you only wanted us to give you the number from the last set. Sorry.

  4. WOW, no way could I make it to 1:30 time without a rest!!!! That is one of the hardest exercise that I know! Didn't read this until after I was done so didn't count the reps. Think the longest that I could do without putting my feet down was 1:10 (and not even doing bicycle that whole time). Good workout! I need more abs!