Saturday, June 18, 2011

21-Day Challenge-Workout 6, Baby Elvira

 Such a sweetie.  Read more about her here.  She is anxiously awaiting a "Forever Family!"  How can you turn down that sad little face?

For today, tell us what cardio you chose and how long it took you to complete the distances I suggested.


  1. i jogged a 9:15 mile & it took me 3:30 to finish the crunches after. i snuck outside between rain storms!

  2. Well, my exercise today consisted of cleaning up from last nights lovely storms. We spent several hours outside picking up sticks, raking, cutting down a cedar tree that fell on our propane tank & there is still more to be done. Yuck, but praise the Lord that no one was hurt & no structures were damaged. I'm still going to try to fit in the situps at some point today. By the way, memomfive is Angela, just incase you were wondering Anna.

  3. Rode my bike for 40 minutes for 4 miles. Then I did the crunches afterwards, but did not time them. So out of shape but felt good that I accomplished this.

  4. Yesterday did the 800 meters swimming (times 2+). Took about 16 minutes to swim each 800 meters. The mile plus cooldown took a total of 48 minutes. Felt great!!