Thursday, June 23, 2011

21-Day Challenge, Workout 11, Baby Genevieve

Grab This!

This little gal is about to meet her family soon--they have submitted her adoption dossier papers at the beginning of June and hope to be receiving their court date in the country she lives in soon.  Much of International adoption is about waiting on paperwork, patience is a lesson well-learned by the end.

Check out her family's journey to bring her home, here.

For today's workout, keep track of the highest number of reps you complete for each exercise and record it in the comment box.


  1. Didn't read this until after the workout. I actually did it by rep numbers instead of time as I didn't have a handy second hand. Did about 20-40reps per what I thought was a 20sec interval (timed it once then did the reps for each exercise). Anyway felt the burn on the thigh ball press, that is a good/tough one! Praying for Geneviev and her new family!

  2. My highest reps:
    body extensions=17
    I feel quite fatigued today but made it through the exercises alright. Hopefully my body will wake up throughout the day!

  3. I didn't read this until after I did my exercises, so I did not count my reps. I'd guess, but probably be wrong.

  4. The highest reps I got on all of them was 20. It was definitely working the core, which I appreciate and need. No more jury duty so I am back! I did exercise Tuesday as well as Anna but forgot to post! Hope you got that I exercised Sunday and Monday as well.

  5. I am exhausted from meetings all week, but had to get my workout in for little Genevieve. She and her new family are in my thoughts and prayers!
    Squats - 18
    Lunges - 12
    Bridges - 21
    Body Extensions - 16