Thursday, June 9, 2011

Already our son

     There is something that I can't explain that happens when God works in your heart.  Which probably explains why I know it is only God that could have created this whole adoption journey for our family.  He knew before we were even a twinkle in our parent's eyes that this would be part of Jerad and I's life on provide a loving home for a special needs child.  


God has changed my heart in so many ways that I don't have room or time to express them all, but one thing I know for sure is that He has already created a bond in my heart toward Blake, in the same capacity as the love I have for my two girls.  Crazy, huh? 

I already long for him.
      Yet, I've never met him.
                  Only God can do that.

I feel like Blake knows we are coming for him.
       I feel like Blake is aware that God is alive and well.
                     Only God can do that.

I already feel a closeness to the other mommy's who are adopting children just like Blake.
          I feel like I've just met another part of my family.  Maybe what Heaven will feel like.
                        Only God can do that.

So when answering questions tonight in my Home Study autobiography...all I could come up with for some of the answers was....only God could have done this.

There is no other answer.


  1. Very cool...and so true. Often, there is no other explanation for things in our lives. Well said!

  2. hi anna.
    came over from danielle and i have to thank you for sharing davis' picture along with sergey and blake.
    i am going to make myself some tea and settle into your blog.
    so very happy to have another mommy to share this experience with!
    welcome to the wild ride! :)