Thursday, March 28, 2013

Daddy Daycare Workout

You know how you don't realize how much kids pick up on from their parents and peers until they rattle off, "Aunt Kate, the cookies are burning, go shut the DAMN oven timer off!"

You know those times...?

Well, recently I've caught the kids doing some pretty cool stuff that I really have never noticed before.  And its not anything I've ever impressed upon them, taught them, or asked them to do...they just observed it and decided to give it a try.

Kids are pretty smart, ya know?!

I was competing in the CrossFit Open WOD 12.1 a few weeks ago at CrossFit Pathos in McPherson, and the workout involved burpees.  Little to my notice, my kids were doing the workout along with me.  And I was lucky enough to have someone catch them in action.  Makes this mama's heart proud!
My little clean-up helper!

Then yesterday, I peek into the living room to see what Jerad was doing after his evening run, to catch Blake doing everything his daddy was.  Jerad stopped short of putting his feet behind his head during the cool down stretching, like Blake did...but he did give it a valiant effort! (haha, just kidding...he wasn't even close!)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In Deep

I came to the realization today that I'm in deep in a life of "little's." I mean, seriously, my life is controlled by little people.

This is how I came to this realization today...
I needed to take a shower, I mean, bad.  As I was combing Leah's hair this morning, a big 'ol rats nest mess of hair, I asked her when the last time she took a shower which she replied "last weekend!"  I said "you have to take a shower more than once every 5 days!" And she said..."well, your hair doesn't look like you do!"

Good point, darling, good point.  See that is how bad I needed a shower.  But taking a shower when my 3 year old and 2 year old are home, is a mental battle.  In the way of, how much of a mess do I want to deal with after the quick 5 minute shower I need.  I have to weigh the options.  Do I just wash my hair or just shave?  Do I have time for both?  How fast can I get this done in?  So I talked myself into taking a shower, and as I was walking back to my bathroom to sneak a shower in...I realized what I was doing...I turned on Elmo on our large screen TV in the living room.  I got both kids their cups.  I turned the TV onto Sesame Street in our bedroom.  I opened the basement door and turned on the light downstairs in hopes of enticing them down there before they got to the bathroom I'd be showering in.  I unloaded all of the soaps, lotions, creams, make-up, and spray bottles from the bottom shelves of my bathroom cabinet.  And it hit me...they have taken over!!  I did not have to do this thought-out of a routine before...

When I have to set traps to keep my kids out of the bathroom or from emptying my pantry, or from unloading the refrigerator or from climbing the window know you are in deep! I stopped what I was doing and just laughed.  This is the stage of life I'm in right now, I can only imagine the traps I'll be setting for me teenagers when they come home late! :)

Just to take a stinkin' shower!

Then I realized what else I make accommodations for in a house run by little's.  Sesame Street now takes place of The View.  Balancing the checkbook online is replaced by YouTube videos of baby animals put to music.  We go "potty and poopy" now, not "I need to take the browns to the Super Bowl!"  I no longer cut my leg shaving, I have an 'ouchy!'  I no longer run to the store or run errands...I have to prepare an hour ahead of time with snacks, diapers, wipes, sippy cups, shoes on, clothes on, hats and coats on, van warmed up, buckled list, leave the driveway, drive around the block and come back because we've forgotten a pacifier (or a "Ga" as Autum calls it).  I use sign language for words I don't even know. The sign for poopy is patting the bottom and then pinching our nose.  We drink "juice"....which is code for anything that comes in a cup.  I speak in toddler language..."water" is "wateey"...."Leah" is Eeah" parents I now refer to as Mimi and Papa...bedtime is 8:30 pm for the kids and 9 pm for Jerad and me.  I sing the clean up song even if its me alone, dusting. We listen to Kids Silly Songs in the car, not 96.3 or 102.1.  All movie choices are Disney related.  Shut up, fart, and hate are the new bad words at our house.  The last banana goes to the kids.  The last cookie is split 3-ways between the kids.  If I want any type of chocolate during the day, I have to eat it in my closet with the lights off, where no one can see me.  When my cell phone or the remote go missing, the toy box is the first place I look, not under the couch cushions.  I no longer shop in my section at the clothing store.  Nope, I will start in my section and end up in the toddler and girl's section.  The only books I read have to do with exercise, nutrition, and child rearing.  Running magazines are replaced by Parent magazines.  Jerad and I no longer talk to each other about weekend trips, fun dates, or crazy memories...nope, its diapers, finances, and the next birthday party for the kids. 

*sigh* has been a slow, sneaky, sly takeover that has occurred unannounced.  Ever so slightly.  Without me even realizing.
I suppose this is the same way that kids grow up on us..unknowingly...
According to all the older, and much wiser people in my life...I better enjoy it while it lasts...


Monday, March 25, 2013

Snapshots of My Day

This is what I came into the living room to find this weekend....I told you I can't keep clothes on her...and she's wearing Blake's new LeapFrog Cascade braces.

These girls played beauty parlor all weekend long.  Leah would do Autum's hair and Autum would scream.  Then Autum would do Leah's hair and Leah would scream...then they would repeat.  They eventually moved on to facials...using a whole bag of diaper wipes (before I realized)..
And if anyone has any doubts about how Blake is are a few glimpses of our little wild man!  And big sister, who is WAY into cheerleading and gymnastics right now...and short shorts...but that's a whole other story for another time. :)

And little sister who is his best play buddy!  And is developing quite a left hook for when she is done playing and wants Blake to leave her alone.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Profound Thoughts/Discoveries

This week has been one of discoveries at our house. Ones that come from many different levels.

For example, Blake realized during our week at home for spring break that he can open any door going outside and escape.  Easy as that.  One turn of the knob and he's out of here.  So now we lock all the doors.  And that leads to everyone else's frustration...

He also discovered he hates his new SMO's.  And I have discovered its nearly impossible to find shoes to fit over those suckers.  We have looked and tried on shoes, and ordered shoes, much without success.  Poor kid.  Poor feet.  Frustrated mommy.  If anyone is looking for a business venture, shoes that fit over AFO's or SMO's is a genius product line. :)

Autum discovered she can remove all of her clothes, diaper included.  So for every naptime and bedtime, I have to make several return trips to her room only to find her naked as a jaybird.  In the mornings when she awakes, I'm usually met with a 5-lb. full of pee diaper dangling over the side of the crib and chubby little girl jumping up and down in excitement at her achievement.  Any chance she has to sit and remove her clothes she does.  In the grocery cart at the store...on the trampoline in the backyard when its 40 degrees and windy the carseat...whenever she thinks she wants to take a bath--at any point in our day...right before we are needing to leave...

Leah discovered she can read chapter books! She has worked her little heart out reading a 150 page chapter book from our public library. She checked it out 2 weeks ago, and I believe my words I muttered as we left the library were...'she'll never get that read.'  I believe she did it just to prove me wrong! But nevertheless, I'm pretty happy for her! And happy she's growing a love for reading...just like me, if only I had time to read something besides the ABC's these days.

Jerad is realizing that spring time is right around the corner and he is really wishing he had his bass boat back.  He gets the 'fishing' itch about this time every year.  And spends a lot of time watching the outdoor channel, researching fishing forecasts, chatting with locals about their honey holes, and dreaming his way through the latest Bass Pro Shops catalog.  I keep telling him to go, but evidently shore fishing just isn't the same.

And finally, I have made a profound discovery, just this morning in my devotions.  I'm studying the book of James through a Beth Moore series, called "Mercy Triumphs".  Good stuff.  And what I was either reminded of, or else what was brought to my attention in a way I've never taken notice to before is that...I have no control over what will happen today or tomorrow.  That I cannot control my destiny or enforce the fulfillment of all my plans.  Seriously, no can do.  That my life is but a vapor, a mist, a puff in time.  To quote from the devotional, "God is the only one looking through every layer and at every implication.  He also looks upon a situation in context of what is, what was, and what is to come. His deliberations don't just involve immediate impact.  He sees our place and our positions amid carefully woven generations."  WHOA....I see only immediate impact, right now.  And get frustrated by timing.  By having to wait.  But things moving to quickly.  By so many things. I think the piece that had the most profound effect on my thoughts is that Christ knows "what is to come."  I can know most of my history effecting a decision, I kind of know what is going on right now, but that piece about knowing what is to come is HUGE in making a decision about how much to worry, plan, etc. Wow. I'm going to go ponder on that awhile.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A "Me" Battle



It's always something needed.  Urgently. Most importantly.  No time to wait. Now!!!

Lately, I have found myself wanting to be selfish.  Just wanting to do something for myself.  As simple as going to the bathroom...alone!  Without anyone unrolling an entire roll of toilet paper on the floor in front of me...just out of reach.  Or to take a peace...without one child trying to get in the shower fully clothed...while the other one fills the toilet full of rolls of toilet paper and attempts to flush it...while the oldest one experiments with all of my lotion and make-up at the mirror...

Or to just eat my meal without having to share bites with someone. Without having to get up to get someone another drink.  Or clean-up a spill.  Or pick up food thrown all over the floor. 

Or to watch a TV show or read a book without having to do bath time.  Clean up the kitchen.  Fold clothes.  Change diapers.  Help with homework.  Look for lost library books.  Untangle hair bows from food-matted hair.

Just to have a conversation with Jerad without someone interrupting with a bazillion questions.  Without someone opening and slamming the cabinet doors while we sit at the bar and chat.  Without a loud crash in the bedroom that requires me to go see who's crying and hurting.

Just to do a one outlet from home...without having to stop and wipe a snotty nose.  Or run inside and calm a sleeping child who awoke crying.  Or to stop and demonstrate and answer my oldest child's questions and interest in every movement.

I am not sure why I have felt this way lately or what triggered this need for selfishness.  For me.  For quiet.  I just feel like somedays its just too much. What have I gotten myself into?  Being a mom is serious business.  That requires all hands-in all the time. Whew! I have a 6, 3, and 2 year old and some days, like lately, I just have no idea what I was thinking, being a mom.  It is seriously easier work to "go to a job" away from home, then stay home.

I hate when I get into these 'funks.'  This negative feeling, suck the energy out of you, moods.  It is a mental battle of anger at myself for feeling this way, when its not my kid's faults...but also feeling like it is TOTALLY my kids' fault for me not getting these selfish desires met.  I mean who do you blame? :)

Don't get me wrong, my kids are the greatest blessing in my life, next to Jerad.  But I have just been made more aware of my selfish desires for me.  And I feel like its become a resentful, unhealthy desire as of late.  One that is stealing my joy from the daily pleasures I should be endlessly thankful for.  I'm just confessing my mental giant right that I don't believe I'm alone in feeling.  So on I sojourn...

And I pray I will get out of this funk soon, or else I'm going to get in really good shape because of my need for more 'outlet' than normal right now! 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Grandpa Sonny

Grandpa Sonny....

I believe that is how I was first introduced to him as...just that..I remember it quite well.  Jerad had brought me home to meet his parents during the summer after we met.  I remember sitting around Grandpa Sonny and Grandma Juanita's table, filled with food, getting to know the rest of Jerad's family.  Of course, fried potatoes, chocolate cake, and sweet sweet (2 cups of sugar worth) tea made up the menu--and as I'd learn, made up most of the menu's for get together's at their house.  True southern goodness.  I still can't get used to chewing my tea.  But that is how it is...and how I love remembering my time with those two.

I remember Sonny looking right at me and asking what year I was in high school...haha, at this time I was in my 3rd year of college.  At which I replied, much to his surprise.  He said I didn't look a day over 16!  I think he was relieved a bit, wondering what Jerad was doing bringing a 16-year old girl around!
Dinner around the table I first met Sonny at!

As Jerad and I's relationship grew, I was invited to their Saturday morning coffee and Dr. Pepper breaks at Juanita's dress shop.  Jerad and Sonny would slip in the back door of The Fashion Cottage and into the break room at 10 am sharp...Juanita would have a cold Dr. Pepper for Jerad and a strong cup of coffee for Sonny along with some type of sweet treat.  This tradition had been going for a long time and I was finally 'included' in this coveted gathering.  At this point I knew I was 'in!'

My time with Sonny came post-retirement so I never was able to watch his carpentry skills in action, but was able to view his detailed work in many homes.  He was known for his detail and diligence to kitchen work, cabinets, and building home structures.  But I do know we have a very durable, toy box that the kids jump off of, climb in, slam the lid on and pack full that came from the fingers of Sonny's creativity.  And this I will treasure and be able to share with the kids as a memory.

As I sat at his funeral yesterday I thought about what else Sonny represented, and realized he was so much more than a completely honest and funny old man who loved sitting on his front porch in the sunshine.  He was more than a man who loved to drink coffee and play cards with friends.  He was more than a man who LOVED his grandkids and great grandkids and was always asking when we were coming back....whether it be when we lived in Cherokee and I'd walk Leah around the block in her stroller to visit Sonny in the mornings.  Or when we moved away and we'd come to visit every so many weeks or months...he was always eager to hear of our return.  He was more than the grandpa who convinced Leah a monkey lived in his fireplace and went so far as to buy a gorilla and hid it in there one summer. The first thing Leah always did upon arrival at his house was peek in the fireplace to see if the 'monkey' was still living in there!  We had a great laugh the day a monkey WAS hiding behind the fireplace doors!  But what else I realized was that he represented the last of a generation that brought long-distance cousins together for birthdays, holidays and anniversaries.  He was the one person left who kept us all coming together, no matter the distance driven, to share in each other's presence.  He was the remaining immediate connection that we all traveled to make.  I only hope we can continue to gather, in his spirit, and in his memory, for the sake of our kids and families knowing and growing up together.  Making the same memories we have.

What I also realized was that he was only 1 of 2 great grandpa's my kids have the blessing to share love with.  Which is truly a gigantic gift, they may not realize now, but will appreciate someday.  What even struck me more, was when the preacher said yesterday that Sonny was the great grandparent to my 2 girls, and my 1 son.  And my heart filled with joy as I realized he gave Blake the gift of having a great grandpa.  Grandpa Sonny helped fill the void of abandonment Blake had only a year and a half filling it with his presence, with his role, with his love.  Ahhhh, my cup runneth over at that thought! 

Thank you Lord for the hope we have in you.  For the assurance that Sonny is in Heaven, sitting on his front porch, ringing the doorbell outside his mansion in Heaven, for Juanita to bring him a cup of Heavenly coffee.  What a sweet thought, what a sweet man, what a sweet couple!

We have so much to learn from men and women like Juanita and Sonny.  And I thank you for the sweet lessons I learned during our time together on this earth.  
Autum playing with the fireplace-hiding monkey!

The porch that represented so many memories!