Saturday, October 1, 2011

What it's Looking Like..

Well, as most of you know, our travel date has been issued. We will be in-country, Oct. 17th.  As posted on the Reece's Rainbow website:

BLAKE for the Woods family — Hillsboro, KS

9/29/11–APPT IS OCTOBER 17

The next 2 weeks will be filled with lots of crossing-off checklists, packing and repacking, stuffing, sorting, making arrangements for, planning, organizing, re-checking, thinking, praying, hoping...but hopefully, not much more...fundraising.

We have been so blessed, so humbled, and so amazed at everyone's generosity, kindness, and willingness to help us out with this financial burden.  We appreciate the support and excitement around our fundraising events the past 5 months, and only hope we can return the blessings you all have been to us, someday.  We are pretty much funded up until our court date.  We have purchased our plane tickets, have allowed money for our apartment rental, meals for 2 weeks, transportation fees, and a few extra expenses we may incur...but that is all. 

If you have been waiting to donate, haven't felt called until now, or are hesitant about giving, please prayerfully consider giving over the next few weeks while we are loving on Blake.  We are allowed to accept donations, specifically for his adoption grant up until we step foot on US soil, in what looks to be mid-November.  If at any time, God-forbid something were to happen and Blake would not be available we are allowed to transfer the money you have donated through Reece's Rainbow, and personally to us, to another child.  If we do not feel lead to adopt another child, we can have these funds transferred to another waiting child on the Reece's Rainbow website.  So, please know that your donation will be used effectively, no matter where and to whom. 

The breakdown of remaining costs we still need covered are:
Plane tickets home: ~$1200
Train tickets: ~$110/person
Blake's Passport: ~$1000
Blake's Medical Examination in-country: ~$150 
Visa application in the US Embassy – $404 per child 

So if you want to specifically fund a remaining cost we have, please donate at the right in our Chip-In account, or through our tax-deductible donation box labeled Reece's Rainbow.  Or you can mail us a check.

We appreciate your prayers, most of all, as we are nearing this next step of this journey.

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  1. i am soexcited for you all! please come over to the flight platform and linkup on sharing sunday...youmay find extra support with this fundraising there. and of course do linkup all yourposts about beautiful blake xxx