Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Heart for Adoptive Parents

I have to say I'm pretty excited about the friends I've made through this adoption process, ones I may never have had connection with through any other circumstances.  God has allowed us the grace to intertwine lives in this life thus overflowing our cup with a feeling of belonging.  We thank you, Lord Jesus, for the gift of friendship. 

I have only recently realized that I've left one other friend out, and feel terribly so.  I honestly can't seem to get this family out of my thoughts the past week and a half, so I wanted to share their story. 

This family has only recently moved back to Hillsboro, their hometown.  But I have known of Jamie and met her casually through one of my dear friends in town.  They are married to brothers.  Well, not long after we committed to Blake, I learned that Jamie and her husband Brent were adopting as well.  So awesome!!  They are adopting a young girl from Ethiopia.  She is breath-taking and beautiful and has won Jamie's heart over from first-sight.  You can read some of their story here.  Jamie is a very gifted writer, and very open and honesty about her feelings, and I love it!  Beware you'll find yourself sitting reading all of her blog posts.  Here's one I particularly like...

Like I mentioned earlier, I have been burdened to pray for her and her family as they anxiously await a court date.  They have bypassed the 'rainy' season and are now waiting for pray for that.  Pray for Jamie's deep yearning to be with her daughter (which all of us with children can feel), pray for her heart to be filled with the Holy Spirit's presence in only a way He can sustain, pray for peace, pray for their baby girl's health and care, and pray for God to be glorified through all of this in whatever way they can.

And also please forgive me, for looking over another branch of our adoptive family, who I've taken for granted as being a part of this journey.  Yet someone I think and pray for often.  I see Jamie frequently, she lives in the same town, knows the same people, has kids that attend the same school as mine, and yet, I have forgotten....still feels the same emotions I do.  And still needs the prayers that you all have given up for me. So add Jamie to your list, she is needing it this week, I sense.  I"m forever grateful.

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