Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Changing Hearts

Lately, I have been so excited to see how God is working on the hearts of people I have come to know.  It is no secret that any type of ministry one becomes a part of for Christ, usually ends with a changed heart.  So this adoption journey has been nothing short of the same.  I just wanted to share some great insight that is being shared as these women are allowing God to work in their hearts and through their words to speak to the rest of us in ever-so-gentle ways that speak least to me.  So please take a few minutes to prepare your hearts for what these gals have to say, I honestly feel like the Holy Spirit is moving and working in amazing ways and I don't want you to miss out on these changes...

Deep Thought Provoking Reflections on a Saturday Morning

What Difference Does it Make?

God's Amazing and Perfect Plan For Families

Baby #8

Just let your hearts be open to whatever you may need to read through these ladies' words.  You never know what God may be whispering to you this day..

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