Saturday, October 15, 2011

Observations on a 8-hour flight over the Atlantic Ocean

This probably only seems funny to me because we are SO TIRED...but anyway, still giggling about some of these observations I made...

1. Lufthansa flight attendants must have to be, very tall.  Very thin.  Very beautiful.  And they speak a plethora of languages.

2. Jerad and I made a bet he was the only one reading North American Whitetail Magazine through the flight.

3. I listened to a great podcast by Matt Chandler titled "God Saves."  The main point that hit home with me was his comment that most of us would think someone was crazy if they publicly declared they wanted to be God, but that the irony of it is...we all live like we want to be God....ponder that one for a bit.

4. Jerad and I made another bet he was the only person on that flight reading Guns & Ammo magazine.

5. They give you a warm rag right before they shut the lights off in the plane, and I was half asleep but could not quit laughing watching Jerad look at it and wonder what he was supposed to do with it. Most people were using it to wipe off their faces and hands and then the flight attendant came back around with a clamp to pick it up from your table....well, Jerad goes on to pretend he's using it for toilet paper and then pretends to dangle it back in front of the flight attendants hand when she walks by...yeah, see...probably another one of those "you had to be there moments."

6. Don't plug your iPod headphones into the armrest to watch a movie and then proceed to push the arm rests back to lie down and sleep...poor Jerad was about strangled.

7. I listened to a great podcast by Francis and Lisa Chan about marriage.  Lisa made a comment that I fell asleep pondering --about the idea that we need to realize that we put God's glory at stake when we respond to a situation with pride instead of humility, or anxiety instead of peace, etc.  I think that will be my train of thought these next few weeks while we are here.  I will do my best to glorify God in all that we do, are a part of, or witness while here in Blake's home country.

8. I observed that my stomach was flip-flopping in excitement as we landed here as I realized that we were now on the soil that our little man was born on...this is his heritage, his territory, his identity, and will always be his connection to his parents. 

9. It is nearly impossible to sleep in an upright position with your knees pressed to the chair in front of you.

10.  I watched "Something Borrowed" on the flight, have to say it was pretty funny for a romantic comedy. 

Anyway, tomorrow will be a day of exploring, recovering, recouping from only a few hours of sleep over the past 24 hours.  Hope to post pictures of our day. 

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