Sunday, October 30, 2011

Big Week

This week marks a big one in many ways.

We experienced our first time-change for this month last night here.  We fell back an hour, so today has seemed like the longest day E.V.E.R.  Then next week we will gain another hour of sleep when we are back in the States...kind of crazy!

Blake turns 2, Tuesday, Nov. 1st and we get to be there to celebrate with him!  I think the biggest excitement behind the party will be that it should be his last birthday in an orphanage!!!  I bought balloons and party hats for the kids in his groupa (I'm sure the nanny's will be overjoyed to see us coming with that...note the sarcasm)  I can't wait to spend this day with him and for the many birthdays to come with all of us at home!

Second, Sarah and Shawn have court Wednesday to petition to be Mila's parents.  Be praying for favor from the judge and the court in this decision toward her adoption.  Pray that the Holy Spirit instill peace on both of them as they make this petition and as they make their way back to Pennsylvania for the 10-day wait.  I know this has been a hard decision for them to make because of Mila's fragile condition.  Please pray for the Holy Spirit's comfort and healing hand over Mila's little body while they are away.  God brought them to this little gal in an amazing way so I know He has big plans for baby Mila, so pray that His will be done and her life can be changed with love and care from the Basile family.

Third, we have court this Friday.  We will be petitioning the court to allow Jerad and I to be named Blake's parents.  We will most likely go through a questioning period where they will ask us why we want to adopt him, if we understand his diagnosis of Down Syndrome and if we can provide the healthcare needs he'll need during his life, if we can provide financially for him as well as for our other children, etc.  There may be more questions similar to this or there may be less, just not sure until we get in there.  We will also ask to change his name (which we will disclose after court), and for our name's to be put on his birth certificate.  So again, like the Basile's, pray for the Holy Spirit to instill a peace and clarity of thought upon us as we make our requests; pray for the people of this country to realize that children with special needs are created by God's hands and are 'just as precious in his sight," and for His presence to be felt by all involved in our adoption.  We want nothing more than to glorify God through this journey, like we have said from the beginning. 

Finally, Jerad and I will be flying back to Kansas Sunday to be home for 10-Days before I return to bring Blake home for good.  We are anxious to see our girl's and spend some time with them before our family expands by 2 busy, little feet! :)

We went outside for the first time today, but he was so bundled up he couldn't move!


His little hat kept creeping down over his eyes.
Only the 2nd day we have seen the sun, and part of a sunset.

We made imaginary snow and he loved when Jerad would drop it down over his face.

We played this for a long time...and he kept raising his hands up for more!

First experience with crayons.

Tasted them.

He took the crayons out and put them back in the crayon box over and over again.  Great OT skill practice! :)

Then he was fascinated by the texture and taste of a rug strand from his playroom.

Took a ride on the Princess bicycle, he wasn't quite sure what to think about it.  His sister's will be jealous of this bicycle for sure!  Jerad wasn't thrilled that this was the only option for him to ride. :)

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