Sunday, October 9, 2011


Lately, I just can't help but realize how important prayer is in our walk with God.  I feel like it is such an important part of our lives as believers, yet one we quickly step-over, trying to do things our own way in our own time.  I have only recently understood the phrase that "God works in mysterious ways"...what I'm beginning to draw together in my recent experiences is that God's ways are mysterious to us because of our finite understanding.  He works in ways that bring glory to Him...not us.  So how we believe things should happen or end up are not the way God does things.  Plain and simple.  Our lives would be so much easier if we would just quit trying to make things happen in our own ways and in our time and fully rely on the Holy Spirit to work in and through us.  But, there is one thing we can do: pray. 

I fully believe that we are where we are in this adoption process because of prayer.  People interceding on our behalf for this journey to be glorifying to God, humbling to us, and this to be a part of Blake's faith story as we defend the cause of the orphans.  I want to encourage you in this prayer, even more so, as we near the next step of this walk.  We fly out of the U.S. in 5 days!!!

But here's how I encourage you to pray...not asking God for our safe travels, not asking God for us to have a nice apartment or good food.  

But instead pray in this way:
Pray for the Holy Spirit: to be our Comforter in time of trial, to be a Spirit of Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge in time of discernment, to be a Spirit of Truth and Might in time of needed weakness, a Spirit of Grace in time of learning, pray that the Spirit will intercede on our behalf in this adoption of Blake, that the Holy Spirit will move on the hearts of the court judge, the jury, the orphanage director and staff, our facilitation team, our drivers, the Embassy directors, the Embassy doctor's, and pray that we can remain steadfast in the Holy Spirit's presence through this time away.  Pray for the Holy Spirit's favor upon our home while we are gone, to instill His peace and grace upon our girl's and our parents.  

Thank you for this! 
Again, only 5 days!!!!!

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