Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Final Days...

We've been trying to do a lot of things with the girls these past 2 weeks before we leave.  So here are a few pics of our activities...
Practicing at Junior Tabor Cheerleading Camp!  We will miss her first performance at the Tabor football game with the cheerleaders. Take lots of pics grandma's and grandpa's!!

Playing in the much-needed rain puddles
In need of a bath...
Riding on Papa Gary's Harley Davidson motorcycle

Trying on Halloween costumes to decide what to wear

Living out every kid's dream world...BIG TRUCK NIGHT.

Eating chocolate donuts for breakfast...thanks to Daddy!  Notice all the bananas are still left on her tray?

Celebrating Autum's 1st birthday party!!

Taking Autum's big 1-year birthday pictures!!


  1. These pictures are so sweet. Praying for you and your family <3

  2. I definitely vote for the mermaid costume. Thanks for the laugh :)