Thursday, October 13, 2011

1 Day!!

Oh. My. Goodness.

I cannot even explain my emotions minute I have found myself smiling as I think about being able to squeeze this little man in a few days...

...the next minute I find myself in tears thinking that this is the last night I'm going to get to hug and kiss these 2 little girls for a few weeks...

Ohhh, then my brain escapes these emotions as it dashes to my lists of things we need, things we might need, things the girls will need, things Blake will need, things my parents and in-laws will need while staying here...ugh.  My brain has about reached its maximum influx for a while.  I honestly cannot wait to be sitting on that airplane to take-off, so I can't worry anymore about what I should have, could have, would have brought with us.  It's killing me!  I think I've packed and unpacked a few times now. (which I said I was not going to do)

Anyway, one more day of 'normalcy' before we start a whole new step of life.  Just like Sarah keeps step at a time we go, as God leads us each step of the way.  Our prayer is to remain in the Holy Spirit's presence the whole way, no worrying about what's ahead, no trying to pre-plan our way, no looking back...just complete surrender to God's will and way.  I'm practicing that right now as I'm about to drive myself crazy packing! :)

We are now on the TRAVELING NOW page at Reece's Rainbow.  This is the final page we'll hang out until we are home.  So keep checking in over the next few weeks.  I plan to blog and post pictures to Facebook while we are gone, so keep in touch.  I can't wait to share what God has planned for us.


  1. You will be in all my thoughts and prayers!!!! God Bless!!!!!!! and Go Get Your Boy!!!!!!

  2. I'm so praying for you and the Basile family. Leaving the little ones I know must be tearing at your hearts but the pull to get over and see those precious ones to love upon is all going to be worth it.

    Safe travels!


  3. Go get him!!! i am crying typing that! xxxxxxxxx

  4. Praying for your trip that everything goes smoothly and easily and you are home in no time with that sweet boy!

  5. Yay!! Cannot wait for you to meet your little man!! Following your journey and keeping you in prayer!

    p.s Ivy is sitting here in her high chair singing away to your blog it! Soon you will be enjoying these sweet moments :)