Thursday, October 20, 2011

10.20.2011-Day 2 at orphanage

So last night Sarah and I stayed at the apartment while the men went to fetch some groceries at the outdoor market.  We had planned to cook spaghetti at our flat and we would all just eat together so they could borrow our Internet...well, the boys got most of the list correct.  We ate spaghetti with packaged spaghetti mix minus the tomato sauce, mixed with a little butter (minus the oil) and some bread and butter.  Haha, we were all so hungry and tired we ate it.  I do have to tell you butter and noodles really isn't too bad.  And you can't go wrong with bread and butter.  We realized too late that we do not have an oven, so we may be 'baking' at Sarah and Shawn's flat and doing stovetop cooking at our's.  Here is what I've been eating for breakfast.  Look familiar?  I'm trying to stay safe with bananas and yogurt and water.  Two day's with hives cured me on being adventurous!  Jerad is getting by fine with food, so far.  So we'll see.
He took interest in his Papa's whiskers.
He loved beating on the drum.
We visited the orphanage again this morning and were able to play with Blake in a gigantic playroom.  He was so sleepy so we didn't keep him with us long as he kept shutting his eyes to rest.  But here are a few pics from the first visit today.  His overalls were 0-3 months! They were a bit small, but just to give you an idea of how small he is. His t-shirt was 2T and was HUGE.

We hope to go back this afternoon to see him again.  So that may mean more pictures added later.

Let's play, where's Blake?
He was so sleepy.  Poor baby.  Ignore my highlights that I'm trying to grow out in my hair.  Yeey, didn't realize how bad they looked!

I guess American's have dirty shoes so we wear shoe covers.
Seeing if he could sit or stand.


  1. I don't see anything but beauty in that last picture.
    Am I the only one that isn't surprised how "small" Blake is?
    At 2.5 Ella barely made 21 pounds.

  2. Thanks Kim! I wasn't giving up that moment for anything, I love having a cuddly baby! I'm glad to hear how small Ella was, I just had no idea how petite he would be.

  3. Jerad and Anna,
    I am so excited for you and know you are being covered in constant prayer. I see God's love in these pictures of you three, add your girls and you are so blessed! God is so good! Can't wait to see Blake, give him a hug from his Aunt Cheryl! :)

  4. oh my, those cheeks are too precious! I can see why it was so hard not smother him in kisses!

  5. Oh my, he takes my breath away. How amazing this all is.

    Praying for both families each and every day. :)

    PS: Don't be silly you look gorgeous! (hehehe even with the booties on the shoes)

  6. Tears of happiness fill my eyes as I look at these pictures! Thinking of you often and praying for you.

  7. Love all the pics. We didn't have an oven either in our apt. We ate lots of oatmeal for breakfast and yogurt. We avoided the milk at all costs! We used the plain liquid coffee creamer in our oatmeal it was good.
    Love the shoe covers, our orphanage didn't have those. At least they don't had you hair nets too LOL.

  8. Thanks for sharing this process with all of us, Anna! He is simply adorable! I hope his hat isn't too huge...should have gone with my gut and the 6-9 month!

  9. I agree there was only beauty in the photo... he is too cute and tiny

  10. Keep the pics coming! Love to see all you are up to! Love the pic of Blake and Jerad.

  11. Oh guys! I am in tears as i read all these posts and look at your pictures! He is so precious and definitely made especially for you guys. The way you look at each other melts my heart! God is SOOOOO GOOD! Continued prayers going your way! The girls look happy and wonderful each time I drive by and see them outside! Thanks for sharing! Hugs! Lindy