Monday, October 31, 2011

2 Happy Boys.

We made the 1-hour, uphill walk from the orphanage to our apartments today...

To justify this meal at the Golden Arches.

After stuffing ourselves, we thought we should have probably made another lap!  We are realizing how much our stomach's have shrunk since being over here, we were all belly up and ready for a nap after this lunch break.

We ordered a Happy Meal for Blake, since tomorrow is his birthday.  Jerad ate the meal (after already eating his Double Quarter Pounder meal with a McFlurry) and we saved the box and toy inside to give him with his other gifts tomorrow.  It was a win-win situation for both boys!

Blake was really happy today.  He was jabbering up a storm and even gave out a few kisses and hugs.  We are really starting to see him blossom.  We have been visiting him nearly 2 times a day for a week and a half now and this week seems to be a real turning point in our relationship with him.  I love seeing him come alive more and more each visit.  You will see that based on his facial expressions in these photos!

I'm going to knock this one over for sure!
Whoa! I told you so.
He was really telling us something serious here...if only I knew what he was trying to say.

Hide the ball..

Where's the ball?
I did it! (this is kind of the hand motions Jerad did toward our taxi driver when he mistakenly signed he loved him, instead of we are adopting a child)
He was already in his PJ's for our afternoon visit.

Question: 'when do I get my cookie?'

When are you going to bust me out of here?
So determined to walk.

This is the first night we really got him giggling, and of course, we left the video camera at our apartment.  Blake loved Jerad sneaking up and tickling him..he couldn't roll away fast enough to escape his daddy's tickles.

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  1. He is just too cute!! He is already learning so much!!