Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 15

 We have decided to visit Blake only once today and once tomorrow.  We feel like he is getting worn down from all this one-on-one attention and is woken up from his naps when we arrive each visit, so we want to make sure he gets rested up and stays healthy.  He just hasn't seemed himself the past few days and I know he is exhausted.  We are learning each visit more about his little personality.  We forget he receives very limited physical touch so for us to smother him in kisses and squeezes and tickles is a little overwhelming.  I think he is getting overstimulated by us so we decided to back off at last night's visit and just let him play and dictate when he wanted touch.  I think it helped.  He entertained himself very well, obviously.  And he would scoot on his little bottom over to one of us when he wanted assistance or wanted to sit on our laps.  So we took that approach again at this morning's visit and he seemed to be in a better mood and not so irritated.  I think the next few months are going to be a lot of trial and error on our part in learning about his tendencies, anxiety, fears, abilities, and understanding.  I ask for prayer in that area as it may be a trying time for all of us as he builds trust in Jerad and I as his parents. 

He is really taking to his daddy, he wanted him to carry him back to his groupa today, instead of me!  He loves to be lifted up in the air more now, the first day he hated it.  He likes for Jerad to play hide and seek with him.  He loves to throw the ball so his daddy has to get fetch it.  He loves rubbing his palm on Jerad's whiskers...he will hold his hand up to his face whenever Jerad gets near him.  It's pretty sweet to watch their relationship grow. 

Here are some videos I took last night of Blake playing.  We had UNO night at Sarah and Shawn's after our afternoon visit, so I didn't get them uploaded in time to post yesterday.  And in case you are wondering I lost at UNO... :)

We got out some paper and a pen to trace his foot so we can better guess a shoe size...and he LOVED pretending to write with it.  Looks like we'll be picking up some crayons and paper today at the market.

I love this picture.  He scoots on his behind everywhere he goes.
We set up an obstacle course for him to go through and this was his favorite part, rolling on the cylinder. 

He was climbing all over this big blue bunny today for some reason.  Never cared about it before.

Trains...need I say more?

He can get to anything...looks like I may have to move things up one shelf higher before he comes home.

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  1. This is MK and Google won't letme post as "me" again! SO thrilled with the wisdom God is providing for you all already! The type of thing you realized today about over-stimulation is truly amazing. How could love and affection be overwhelming and therefore disruptive to his little world?? Any other parents might not have been able to connect the dots and make personal sacrifices for Blake's best interest. So proud of you all and the way you are leaning on your heavenly father!!! And I ADORE the videos of Jerad & Blake. Powerful stuff! You are loved and prayed for, my friends!!