Sunday, October 23, 2011


Since we had our State Department of Adoption appointment (SDA) Monday, Oct. 17th, I haven't been able to dismiss these unknown questions circulating around in my brain about Blake.  We learned that he has an older sister who lives at home with his mother and family.  We learned that the mother gave up all rights of Blake at birth and he arrived at the orphanage at 3 months old.  I'm assuming he was in the hospital up until then.  His father was not listed on the birth certificate and was only listed as "Alexander"...which is a name that the hospital will list on the birth certificate when the father is unknown or wishes to remain unknown because it is a popular name in this country for men.  Upon arriving at the orphanage, we learned in all of Blake's nearly 2 years of life (his birthday is on Tuesday, Nov 1) he has never once had a visitor.  Not even once.  This is where my mind starts to go wild with the: What?  Who?  When?  Why?  How?

How old is his sister?  What is she like?  Does she know about Blake?  What is his mother like?  Does she think about her son she gave up?  How can she not even care?  Does she wish she hadn't given him up?  Has she told her daughter about her brother?  What about his father?  Does Blake have the same father as his sister?  Did he not want to be listed on the birth certificate because of Blake's diagnosis?  Or was he really not around?  How was the mother's pregnancy? 

This is just the beginning...this morning while we were playing with Blake on our 1 visit for today because of it being Sunday, I felt the Holy Spirit press on my heart this thought.  "Let it go.  Trust that I know.  You will never know and have to be okay with that.  I am in control here.  Focus on what you do know about this child now."

At that point, I prayed for forgiveness and surrendered these thoughts to Him.  I will tell you I honestly felt a weight lifted.  I haven't been able to pinpoint why I have felt distracted lately, and feel like that was one layer of it being peeled away.  I'll keep praying for sensitivity to the Holy Spirit's guidance on the rest...but until then I want you share with you what I do know about our little guy now. 

**He recognized us today!!  We snuck into his groupa to spy on him a bit and he was in his crib sitting with a few other little babies, he spotted us from across the room and he lunged up in the air to stand up and when we didn't come to get him right away he started crying.  Poor boy!  I will have to say it made my heart swell!  On to the pictures.

He loves to throw things and knock things over.  (he's all boy!)

 He loves to snuggle and give hugs which I'm so thankful for!

 He sits still about as long as Autum to read a book.  He has more fun flipping the pages while you try to read it.

He flaps his wings like a birdie about to take off when he gets excited!

...especially when it's a snack!

He loves stacking and restacking the rings and makes these little grunting sounds when he gets it all stacked up right!

 He has never used a sippy cup or bottle before, note all the 
water spilling down his chin and overalls..

He can throw a fit when he is upset. He throws his head back and arches his 
back and cries.  This was when we wouldn't give him anymore snacks.

By the end of our visit, he is really tired and just wants to be rocked and sung too.  His favorite is Jesus Loves  Me...he'll lie his head on my shoulder and relax, then every so often he'll lift his head up to look at me and then lie it back down and just rest.

Thank you Lord, for helping me realize how blessed we are by this little child and for making him ours from the beginning. 


  1. Oh you made tears come to my eyes. The bond of pure genuine LOVE is truly amazing isn't it?

    Love this post!

  2. Great post Anna. He is so very adorable. Praying for you all!

  3. Love this!! He is just too cute for words!!

  4. So Amazing! Thanks for sharing this and for your thoughts - I look forward to reading your blogs! I am glad that you are there for Blake and that he is finally getting the 'visitors' he deserves; A MOM AND DAD WHO LOVE HIM!

  5. I am with Shannon. So thankful that you listened to God's nudging to be Blake's family. He will have all he needs now! =)

  6. Love the pictures, he is so cute! So happy for all of you :)

  7. Have to say some of the same thoughts and questions swirl in my brain also. I comfort myself with the thought that at least the mother loved them enough to give them life and did not abort them. We are foster parents to some amazing babies.

  8. From today into forever - all his days will be marked and remembered. . we can't fix their yesterdays and before but we can give them their futures... from today and into forever.

  9. INCREDIBLE!! God is truly at work in your lives and it's so fun to be a part of it. Thanks for sharing. We miss you guys and can't wait to meet Blake. Braxton will love having another boy around. We're still praying!

  10. Thank you for sharing these precious moments with Blake. What a beautiful child! So happy for all of you. God has wonderful plans for you!!!

  11. Love this post Anna! The part about him recognizing you is just priceless!