Thursday, October 6, 2011

Beyond the Call...

Meet Cathy.
She and I go way back..probably to middle school days.  She and I were both in band together, I remember wearing our wool uniforms at home football games, marching at show competitions in the heat, I remember playing a few jazz shows, nervously awaiting our turn at contest each year, sitting by each other in English class.  I think her brother and his friends probably thought I was the most annoying underclassmen fellow band mate because, you see,  I have lots of energy, I was really immature, and I loved annoying the upperclassmen, and standing at attention at 2-hour band practices before school each morning DID NOT help me expel my energy very well, so let's just say I took it out on all of them! 

Anyway, Cathy and I have become reacquainted through Facebook, of course, and lately, even more so through our adoption.  Cathy is an amazing wife, and mom of 2 beautiful girls, and can I also say she is a Neurology Resident at Penn State Hershey Medical Center!!  She does it all.  But what has played out most importantly as of late, besides her encouragement and support of our her cooking skills.

Here is her blog: The Neurologist's Kitchen.  She somehow manages to find time to put together some pretty amazing dishes!  Go check it out.

Now check out these...
She has made 17 dozen of these mouth-watering cupcakes and sold each and every dozen of them to raise money for us to bring home Blake...$340!!! Like I said before, I DO NOT know how she finds time to do this.  But I DO KNOW she has a big heart.  She is an amazing cook.  And she used these two gifts together to help us out.  And I am completely blessed and honored to call her a friend.
Thanks Cathy.

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