Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ups and Downs

Today during our morning visit, the music room that we usually take Blake to play in was occupied with little kiddos singing and dancing, so we went into the therapy room to play with him.  This room contained a slide, climbing ladder, swing, large bouncy balls, a floor mat with many colors on it, a container full of bouncy balls, a small couch and some storage containers.  While we were in there playing with Blake, several nurses came in and out of the room with small children to do therapy with them.  First they would place the child on a table and take off their clothes and begin to massage their extremities with oil, then they would redress them and sit them on a large stability ball and bounce and roll them around.  They would proceed to put them on their tummies and roll them forward and backward before standing them behind a large walker and having them push it around to strengthen their legs. (I presume)  Then they would play with them and put them in the swing or in the balls before taking them out and bringing another child in.  They did this with many of the smaller children in Blake's groupa.  As each child from his groupa came into the room, Blake would get excited and flap his little wings!  So seeing that he was probably due to have therapy today, we did our own therapy session with him...

This afternoon we received word that our court date will not be until next Wednesday, Nov. 2nd or Friday, Nov. 4th now.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed.  We had originally thought we might have a court date this Friday, Oct 28th.  But not now.  We will be here almost 3 weeks before we have a court date, and this is in a region where the court date is usually given within 10 days of the SDA appointment.  But...I refuse to let this get me down.  Coming into this trip, I surrendered this whole journey over to God, and this is a true test of my faith to see if I am willing to trust and let go of control--knowing God knew this long before I did.  My prayer has been for the Holy Spirit to go before us and pave the way, and I firmly believe He is doing so/and has done so.  So...we wait.  We will learn this Friday if we have court Wednesday or Friday.  The Basile's will have one day of court and we will have the other one.  

Now on to more exciting news.  Children with Down Syndrome truly do brighten your day!  We had a great afternoon visit today!  Blake started saying 'ball!' Then when he would hide the ball he would hold his hands up in the air like "where did it go?"  

 He even clapped a few times when he threw the ball well...I am so amazed!  He is really picking things up quickly.  He will repeat everything you show him to do.  I would stack the rings a certain way and then unstack them...and he would repeat the same thing I did.  


He also loves knocking down towers of blocks.  I can barely get a tower built anymore before he bulldozes it with his hands and then gets this ornery grin on his face...

He has started to smile every time he catches me taking his picture...see... a big cheesy grin! LOL

And then he tries to lick my camera lens..well, anything he can see his reflection in, really.

This car was in the playroom tonight, so of course he was quick to explore!  Looks like a natural!  He's going to love the cozy coupe truck he has waiting for him at home.

Throw the ball!  "Ball!"
I will post a video or two.  These are taken from Sarah's phone, my camera with video has since quit working and my phone USB cord keeps saying it's faulty so it won't transfer video to my I'm kind of out of luck for video options.  I will maybe try to go shop for a new SD card for my camera tomorrow so I can get more videos.  But here is what I have.


  1. He is absolutely precious. Sorry to hear about court but, you are right don't let it get you down. God's perfect timing will bring you all home. Can't wait for gotcha day!

  2. Too bad about the court date...I know that's disappointing to you guys. I will be praying! Looks like you're getting some great bonding time. Can't believe how much he is able to do! That's awesome!

  3. You all are so wonderful to watch!! Wish I were a fly on the wall! I'm praying for peace in your hearts as you wait on God and His perfect timing. The challenge I see (from my experience in waiting) is TRUSTING that God is truly IN the delays. He knows what He's up to...He knows the reasons...even if you don't have a clue and are completely frustrated!! Trust Him recklessly, my wonderful friends. Is He in it, or is he not?? You KNOW He is!! So don't let the enemy frustrate you with what he thinks are delays & discouragements!! Your God is HUGE!!! And sooo many of us are keeping you all before our King in prayer!! Rest in His goodness...He IS ahhh-mazing!!!

  4. I love your post... Every time he would move on the couch I would reach out to catch him just like his daddy did lol!