Friday, December 30, 2011

Blake's Perspective...Part 6

I have officially been at my new home a month now.  Honestly, it seems like it's been a lot longer than that.  I met my mommy and daddy for the first time, October 19th.  Then they went to court for me to be their son, officially, Nov. 4th.  Then mommy and my grandma busted me out of my new home, Nov. 20th.  And we arrived here Nov. 23.  Whew! 

This past month has been a busy one.  I met my roommate...I have started calling her Queenie, because that's what she thinks she is--she just screams and mommy comes running, big sissy plugs her ears, and daddy pretends like nothing is going on. Because crying and screaming is so effective for her, I've started adding it to my tactics.  I see that crazy-haired Queenie coming toward me and I yell.  She tries to pinch me and bite now...yeah, bite!  Sometimes it really hurts and it does make me cry.  I realized that I can get really loud with my crying now, these wet things even run down my cheeks...they taste kind of salty.  Mommy always comes and kisses me and makes me feel better.  Now I know why Queenie cries so much, I could get used to mommy carrying me around all the time and kissing and hugging on me. All I have to do is cry.  It works great at nighttime and during naptime too.  Mommy rocks me to sleep, I close my eyes and rest a little while.  Then I wake up and she's I just let loose a loud yell and cry.  Mommy or daddy usually comes and rubs my back or rocks me back to sleep.  This works great at any hour of the night, they always show up.  Plus it's a great way to pay back oh chubby girl for all the nights she has woken me up with her hollering and carrying on.  I don't know how to describe this feeling that makes me cry.  My body gets kind of heavy, my throat gets lumpy, and my face scrunches up, then I raise my little hands to my face and duck down really low and just yell.  Sometimes it just comes over me before I realize it.  Like when I'm hungry, when I want to keep eating and mommy takes my plate away, when I want a toy Queenie has, right before naptime or bedtime at night, when something hurts like Queenie's teeth crunching down on my foot, or when they sit me down outside in the scratchy grass. 

This past week, I also realized that I don't like riding in a car for very long periods of time.  Mommy buckles me into this seat really tightly and I hate it!  Queenie and I had a competition to see who could cry and yell the loudest the whole way to Oklahoma and back.  It worked, mommy finally broke down and fed us all the snacks she had packed in her bag.  Raisins, crackers, Puffs, cookies, suckers, YUM!  She told daddy that the car ride stops when we run out of food...we made it to grandma and grandpas just as I finished off my last cookie!  When we got to grandma and grandpa Wood's house, I got to open presents...the tissue paper tastes SO good!  I even threw around some boxes, pulled a few ornaments off the tree, and played with wrapping paper ribbon.  I don't know why they put stuff inside the boxes, it just makes it harder to play with the box. I met my great grandpa Sonny for the first time.  I also met some of grandma's friends who helped mommy and daddy bring me home.  I was doing good until I had to sleep in a new bed.  I got scared and worried that mommy and daddy were going to leave me, I had just gotten used to my new house and bedroom, and now I had to try to sleep somewhere else with new smells and sights.  I got tired enough that I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, I think I slept a while.  Then I woke to what sounded like a screeching hoot owl....Queenie was on one of her rampages.  The clock said 1 am...I knew it wasn't time to get up yet because it was really dark in the room.  She cried, cried, cried, screamed, cried, screamed....Mommy rocked her to sleep for a while and as soon as her head hit the crib...she cried, cried, screamed, cried...pooped.  This went on for hours...I started crying too because I was so scared and TIRED.  Why does she do this to me every time?  I couldn't go back to sleep very well because she kept whimpering and because I remembered I wasn't in my own bed at my new house.  I started scratching the side of the playpen because it made this really cool sound...uuuuuuup      doooooown, scratch-scratch-scratch....uuuuuuuuup      dooooooown, scratch-scratch-scratch.  I started growling to the scratching sound...and I must have eventually fallen back asleep because the next time I woke up the sun was shining in.  Mommy and daddy were sleeping in a big bed next to my crib...haha, I didn't realize that!  I might have slept longer had I known they were in the room the entire time!  Oh crazy, screaming, chubby girl was wrapped up tightly in her blanket in her crib sawing did she stink, though, I could see her crazy hair sticking out of the side of the playpen (must have been a rough night for her)! 

See?  New boots.  The next pic she'll have on pink Converse tennis shoes, tomorrow, black slippers...and on and on.
I was really hoping we would be playing with more boxes that day.  Hopefully some without clothes in them!  Mommy was excited about all the clothes and shoes, but really?  They don't make much noise when they hit the floor or wall.  The big red head girl seemed to love all her new clothes, not sure what the excitement was all about, but she has worn a different outfit every hour since we arrived home.  

Fighting over our new riding toys at Great Grandpa Sonny's

Really, this red tissue paper is delish!

Sitting on the boxes is a blast!

This is Queenie trying to copy my move.

 We played with more boxes that day at my great grandpa's house, yiiipppeee!  Then we had to get back in that stupid ol' van (that's what mommy calls it, anyway) and headed back home....ugh.  I am glad mommy restocked the snack bag, because we were going to need it!  Queenie and I threw all our crumbs on the floor and rubbed them on the side of the seats, while daddy grimaced in the front seat.  But we eventually made it, I think all the people of the town I live in could hear us coming...let's just say we made a loud entrance.  But boy was I glad to be home!  Familiar smells, sounds, and my comfy bed.  I saw more big people together in one place, this past weekend, than I ever have.  It made me a little bit nervous, everyone just wanted to hug and squeeze me and kiss me.  (and mommy wonders why my cheeks are's from all those pinches and kisses, if you ask me!)  Now I'm back to the daily routine that I had gotten used too and it makes me feel more at ease.  I'm just so sleepy from the crazy week and change of routine.  Mommy and daddy look a little tired too.
Of all the toys, sitting in my new high chair at Grandma's was the most fun! (and letting the elephant blow air on my face)

Although I will tell you, I did enjoy grandma's yummy frosting covered sugar cookies, they just melted in my mouth.  And her mashed potatoes were tasty too.  I can't wait to go back and eat her yummy treats, again. And maybe tear apart some more tissue paper.

For now, I am off to play with my new boxes, I'll tell you more about my other box and wrapping paper encounters another day.

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