Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Day in My Life

I often get asked what my day is like now that I have 3 children under my roof.  Well, I decided to try to photograph as many aspects of my day yesterday to help you visualize the craziness!
So here are snapshots of a day in the life!

5:00 am--Wake up to Autum crying in her room.  Change her diaper, plug her with a pacifier. (hoping she goes back to sleep without waking Blake)

5:30 am--Head out for a morning run with Carisa.  It's the only 'me' time I get in my day right now, and it's VERY important for my sanity.

6:15 am--Arrive home, Autum's awake and rearing to I quickly hop in the shower to rinse off...and get out to find this...

6:30 am--Quickly read through this devotion and matching Scripture in an attempt to get some spiritual nourishment for the prayers often consist of this "Oh God, give me grace!!"

After jumping out of the shower, I quickly folded a load of clean laundry.
6:50 am--Autum decided to poop her pants so I had to change her clothes.  Thank God the diaper bag was still out so I could get her a change of clothes and a diaper out of there without having to tip-toe into her and Blake's room to get fresh clothes, wipes, and a diaper.

7:15 am--Leah woke up while I was getting breakfast ready, and Blake started yelling soon after, so the girl's went in to greet him for the morning.

 7:30 am--Got everyone in their seats and breakfast served.  Eggs and fruit today!

...then for clean-up.  What a mess!! 

8:00-9:30 am--The kids usually play and entertain themselves during this time while I try to get a few 'things' done.  Balancing the checkbook, working on some end-of-year paperwork, starting/sorting laundry, sweeping and vacuuming, wiping down counters....etc.  The kid's pretend to be Mary, sort through my cookbooks, play dress-up, make messes...

Then about 10-11 am everyone starts getting fussy and bored being in the out we go!  Rain or is needed!
Lunch time!!
 ...then nap time.

Yesterday I made some gluten-free/wheat-free pumpkin bread for breakfast/snacks.  We currently have Blake on a wheat-free, gluten-free diet to see if the redness on his cheeks will lessen.  And Autum has been fighting a cough for a few weeks now, so we are eliminating cow's milk from her diet to help lessen the mucus in her I am having to do a lot more baking these days. 

 Then when naptime is over, we usually head back outside.  Today we decided to take the kid's to the city park.  This was Blake's first time there...needless to say he was not thrilled.

5:15 pm--Bath time, dinner time.

Clean-up from dinner time...and begin to wind down for the evening.

7:30-8:30 pm--Get baby's jammies on, diaper's changed,  teeth brushed, beds ready, clothes laid out for school the next day, bottles made, paper's signed for school, gone potty, water glass filled to place on headboard in case of night-thirst, books read (all other elements of stalling on Leah's part are addressed)....Blake rocked and put to sleep in crib in Jerad and I's room...Autum given a bottle and rocked and in bed in her and Blake's room.  Leah tucked in for night...hope to walk out of there by 8:30 pm and pray she doesn't get out of bed again until morning (not usually the case).

Then...start sorting laundry, start the dishwasher, take a shower, get workout/running clothes ready for next morning, make phone calls, blog, watch TV, chat with Jerad...transfer Blake to his crib in he and Autum's room and hope he stays asleep.
BEDTIME....10 pm sharp!!!  Doesn't usually take long to fall asleep these days :)


  1. I'm with ya on the 10 pm bed time! Great to run together yesterday....looking forward to tomorrow.

  2. I just remembered this when I read your no wheat---we took Ella off of Dairy when she went through the really red cheeks at about a year to age 3. She seemed to grow out of it and isn't a big milk drinker anyways.

  3. Oh and it was the key for the red cheeks. Dry skin still exists but the redness is gone.

  4. Hi, I don't post that often but when you mentioned the redness on your son's cheeks I thought I'd post and give you an idea. My son has redness that looks almost identical. We saw a pediatric dermatologist and he diagnosed it as Atopic Dermatitis. Has has a rather bad version of it and it happens in patches on his lower legs and in spots on his arms sometimes if we don't catch it in time. Allergies can sometimes make it worse, but most of the time isn't an allergy issue. We use a Fluticasone .05% cream (you can get it in a different form that's more like a paste but it's stickier and more oily). The cream smooths into his skin and helps alleviate the irritation that's causing the redness. You can get it in a milder version and get Fluticasone .005% but I recommend trying the .05% first. You'll need a prescription for it, but it's something that your pediatrician can write for you. You don't necessarily have to see a dermatologist. Our pediatrician kept thinking it was just the cold dry winter weather last year and it went undiagnosed for months until I finally put my foot down and insisted on a referral to a dermatologist. He knew what it was as soon as we walked in the door and didn't take long at all. It might be worth it to try the fluticasone and see if that helps. If it doesn't you could always try a dermatologist to see if he knows what is causing it. Many time there are skin conditions that are very normal but typical pediatricians just don't seem often enough to know what they are and diagnose them immediately. Many times basic diagnosis are overlooked just because pediatricians aren't well versed in many dermatological conditions.

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