Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another Member of our Family

Today I learned of another member of our adoption family.  It is a sweet 11-year old little girl that lives all the way up north in Canada.  You see, she chose Blake's little face as part of the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree project last year. She vowed to pray for him and advocate for him to be adopted by a Forever Family.  Her mother sent me an email saying they chose 3 ornaments for their 3 children, last year, as part of this campaign, to teach them that not all children have the same privileges as them and that they should help others out whenever they can.  And their oldest daughter was able to see the power of prayer and hope come true as she prayed, because in May of 2011 we committed to be Blake's Forever Family...and here we are now!!  Her mother and I have corresponded through email and she said her daughter was in tears as I expressed my thankfulness for her prayers, and she said "That is one lucky boy! God must have something big planned for him!" 

Ohh, to have the faith of a child.  My heart is warmed by her kindness and faithfulness to boldly approach the throne of Christ and intercede on behalf of our little boy.  What a great lesson for us see the importance of prayer come to life and be answered.  Praise be to God!  I feel like I am forever indebted to this little gal as her prayers were part of the reason we found Blake, and the reason we heard the Holy Spirit speak to our hearts, and the reason we had the courage to step out in faith to adopt him, and the reason we had such amazing peace throughout. 

So thank you!  I am anxious to tell Blake all about you someday and the sweet innocent faith you had in him being rescued.

If you want to be a part of the Angel Tree Project, go here to find out more.  It obviously works!  We are a true testament to it's effectiveness in saving these children. 
Angel Tree Project.
  • The goal of the Angel Tree is to raise $1000 or more as an adoption grant for each waiting child with Down syndrome listed below.  Ornaments are only available for the children listed on this page.
  • Advocate by praying, posting to Facebook, Twitter, on your blog, and by sharing with friends and family. 
  • In only 5 years, more than 500+ orphans with DS and other special needs have found "forever families" through Reece's Rainbow.  Your donations WORK!
  • A new "gift basket" (shopping cart) has been implemented. Questions can be directed to
  • The minimum donation to receive an ornament is $35.  You can give more for your child by adding additional funds in the empty box.  $5 of each donation goes to our Voice of Hope fund, and the remainder to the child's grant.
  • Checks can be mailed to  Reece's Rainbow  PO Box 4024  Gaithersburg, MD  20885

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  1. Thank you for reminding me to be bold in praying for my RR AT kiddos!