Monday, December 5, 2011

Blake's Perspective...Part 2

DON'T FORGET.  My friends are hosting a shower for Blake this Sunday at 3 pm in Hillsboro.  I'm asking that you not buy us anything but use the money you would spend and donate it to Danielle's family adoption of Sergey.  Go here to read more:
Thank you!!

Continued from here...

Now where was I?

Oh yeah, about the best part of my day!!  Eating.  

As soon as mommy starts taking me toward my new chair, I start flapping my arms, smiling, and letting out little yells...I can't help it!  I get so excited!  The food here is SO good compared to what I'm used to eating.  It even smells better too.  I have tried things like pancakes, peaches, oranges, cheese, hamburger, hotdogs, and rice, and most recently Christmas cookies.  I will tell you though, I do NOT like anything hard or crunchy, as soon as it hits my tongue I spit it out and fling it on the does not feel right on my tongue. That and green beans...YUUUCK. I also don't like when my food and drinks are not warmed up...I have NEVER tasted cold milk before.  (Evidently that little chubby girl that screams all the time likes it..she's always got a bottle in her hand.)  Anyway, mommy brings a plate of food to me and even lets me feed myself now.  I LOVE feeding myself, I knew I could do it, I just have never had the chance too.  I make sure and wipe up every last crumb.  I am so used to shoveling my food in and filling my mouth up with every bite.  I used to have to eat fast so they wouldn't take my plate away and out of fear the other kids would steal my small portion of food. I was the little guy in the group so I had to fight for everything I got.  I shove all my food in my mouth so there's nothing left on my tray, then I start rocking back and forth in my chair so that it makes a lot of noise.  That gets everyone's attention!  If that doesn't work then I throw my head back and yell and cry, I have to be careful when I do that though, sometimes all of the food falls out of my mouth!  

That little round girl they keep calling my sissy has started rocking her chair too when she's out of food...evidently she's realized how effective it is.  Mommy got on her the other day too, because she started chucking her cup of milk across the kitchen like I do....hehehe.  I don't like to drink during my meal, it makes me cry because I think that means it's the end of the meal.  We were only allowed to drink after our meals at my old house, so when mommy brings my drink around, I turn my head.  I don't want to be done eating, it all tastes so good!  Then when it is time to be done, mommy comes at me with a rag and I panic...when am I going to eat again?  Will I be able to eat until I'm full?  I start crying because I just want to eat and eat...even if it gives me a tummy ache.  Then I get mad, I start throwing my head back, kicking my feet, and yelling.  She usually has to hold me for a while until I can calm down.  Sometimes she'll give me a baggie of treats to hold in my hand...just so I know there will always be food available for me to eat.  (Mila's mommy shared this tip with us and it has helped a lot.)  Plus as soon as we are done eating, for some reason, me and that little girl always end up in the bathtub.  She always mutters something about us putting our food on our heads...I don't know what she thinks, but it sure is fun! 

I also get treats when mommy goes running outside.  That little round girl always screeches and wiggles trying to get out of those impossible seat belts, so mommy has started packing us treats to take along.  Problem is, that little girl gets really mad when I start stealing her snacks when mine are out.  She'll pinch me with her fingers and starts screeching again...mommy always stops the stroller and divides up the snacks again.  She got on me yesterday because I threw my empty container out on the ground and we had to stop again...oops!  Won't do that again.  Anyway, as soon as the snacks are out, I want out of that thing.  I hate being restrained!  

I will sit in front of this mirror for hours and talk to the little boy on the other side.

We both unrolled all of the wrapping paper mommy just bought and found this cardboard treasure, it provides endless hours of fun..and fights.

Anyway, on to play time...there are so many neat things to play with at my new house.  Toilet paper, spoons, the tall red-head girl's Barbie dolls, Christmas ornaments, balls, that little chubby girl's bottles, the toilet water, the stairs, the chairs in the kitchen, mirrors....

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