Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Shower for Blake

Sorry I will have to postpone the 2nd part of the series of Blake's perspective for today...

I first want to invite you all to a very special day for Blake.  Some dear friends of mine have set-up a baby shower for our little guy, this coming Sunday, December 11 at 3 pm at Parkview MB Church in Hillsboro.  It is a Sip-and-See Shower, you can come and go as you wish, sip some drinks, chat a little...


Most of all I want to take the opportunity to THANK you all for your prayers, encouragement, support, assistance to our family while we were away, for the meals, the financial support, the Scriptures, the notes, help, the driving, the advice, the motivation, and the chance to journey together.  Because I feel like my cup overfloweth with love for you all and from you all, I cannot hardly ask you to 'shower' us with gifts for Blake.  You all have done so much already, and I am realizing we are so blessed with what we have.  We do not need anything more.  But if you must, please take the money you would spend on us and donate it HERE.

I have blogged about the Farley family before.  Danielle and I have never met personally, only through email, phone calls, and prayers.  But I feel like she is a spiritual sister in Christ who I am so blessed to know only through this adoption process.  She is adopting Sergey, from Russia.  This fall, the country changed their adoption rules and the cost to adopt has increased by about $10,000!!  Danielle and her husband are hoping to travel soon, but are still short on funds.

So, PLEASE SHOWER HER with your blessings by spreading the word about their adoption, by donating to their cause, and by praying for them as you have so faithfully done for us.
Please go here: (click on pic)

And then go HERE to read about her family and their desire to make this little boy their own.  Isn't he sweet?  He has grown up so much since the first pictures I saw of him. 

I cannot wait to see pictures and read the stories of the day they get to meet this little boy. 

And...I cannot wait to see you all at the shower Sunday so I can personally thank you all for everything. I am so blessed by the friends and family I have around me and I thank God continuously for all of you in my life. 

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