Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blake's Perspective...Part 4


  "I usually start getting sleepy about 11 am every morning.  I spend the whole morning pulling things out of drawers, dumping toy boxes over, banging pans on the floor, throwing things down the stairs, climbing on my slide, on the couch, and on the couch pillows.  I yell, I laugh, I cry sometimes, I whisper. Usually about 10 am, my partner in crime-the screechy, crazy-haired girl and I, get a snack.  During this time, mommy quickly attempts to pick up a few things around the kitchen so she can walk through.  She usually says a naughty word when she steps on my Lego pieces bare foot, I have to remember to quit leaving those out, she never looks very happy.  After that snack, my belly is full, and all I want to do is be held and relax.  But...of course, the little chubby girl gets jealous, here she comes toddling over to us with her arms waving out front (for some reason she walks that way), screeching, and faking a cry, and ruins my peace and quiet on mommy's lap.  Mommy always says there is room for both of us, but that crazy little girl never wants to share, she tries to push me off...I have finally started pointing my finger in her face and yell something in Ukrainian to let her know what I think.  It just makes her cry worse. 

Anyway, we walk the red-headed girl to school in the stroller and by the time we get back I'm about asleep.  Mommy gives the chubby girl her bottle, rocks her and puts her to sleep in our room.  I usually roll around on the living room floor trying to keep my eyes awake while I wait.  Then my turn comes, mommy picks me up and carries me back to she and daddy's bedroom where I take my naps in the playpen.  She wraps me up in a big warm blanket (my Mimi Terri made) and pops my pacifier in my mouth, then she just rocks and bounces me back and forth.  It feels so good to be wrapped up tight and warm.  I put my hand on mommy's chest to feel her heartbeat while she sings to me.  I get so relaxed, my eyes close, and I am out.  My body gets really heavy.  Mommy somehow lies me in my crib without me knowing and sneaks out.  I always see her tip-toeing away...hehe, weird if you ask me!  I still have a hard time relaxing during my entire nap.  I'm so used to being on edge at my old house that I still wake myself up.  But I do my rocking and I can usually fall back asleep for another hour or so.  I wake up kind of grumpy, I moan and groan a lot, as I try to pry my eyes open.  Mommy usually just lets me roll around in my crib awhile before she picks me up, I need my space for a little bit post-nap.  After that, I'm usually ready for another snack, of course!

That little chubby girl and I have the same routine at night.  For some reason, mommy and daddy think we should share everything.  We eat supper together, take a bath together, get our jammie's on together, and go to sleep together.  After supper, I almost always need a bath.  One thing that little chubby girl taught me is to rub my food in my hair.  It's really fun!  You should try it.  She even went so far as to put the bowl of peaches on her head!  Hahahah, now that was a mess!  Mommy never leaves any dishes around me, I just fling them at the wall, but I hope to get my hands on a bowl of peaches someday soon, I can't wait to try that out!  So because of this, we get our baths next.  I used to hate the bath, the water really scared me.  But now I LOVE the bath.  As soon as I hear mommy or daddy turn the faucet on, little chubby girl and I make a naked streak to the bathroom.  We push and shove our way closest to the front in hopes that mommy or daddy will pick us up first so we can establish the seat right under the running water coming out of the faucet.  If you don't get picked up first, you have to pull hair, splash, pinch, and push your way to the best seat.  Mommy makes us switch places while she washes our hair, now I still really hate that part of bath time.  She lies me on my back in the water to get my hair wet and I scream, stick my tongue out at her, and kick my legs while she lathers me in soap.  Then she pours water out of a cup on my head to rinse the soap out...ooohhhh!  DO. NOT. LIKE.  Plus, that little chubby girl takes her cheap shots while I'm down.  But, I'm learning to return the favor when she gets her hair washed, hehehe.  Daddy always has the video camera shooting pictures of us fighting, for some reason he and mommy think it's so funny.  He wouldn't think it was too funny if he was in here getting pinched and poked by that crazy-haired girl.  Yesterday she got a hold of my boy parts and said "ooohhhh, owie!"  That's what I was thinking...then she bent over and tried to find her 'boy parts'...hehehe, she's still trying to find them, I keep seeing her look down the front of her diaper.  Even I know she's a girl...someone needs to inform her. 
Here I am trying to figure out how to move her out of the's all about the strategy.
See this is the look I get right before she pinches me...

Well, I'm pretty tired today we had a birthday party for Jesus last night that cut into my bedtime.  I can't wait to tell you about that event.  I got presents and chocolate cake for the first time!  YUMMY.


  1. I love these! They crack me up.

  2. So glad I got to meet Blake today! He's a cutie!
    Mrs. B.

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