Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blake Perspective...Part 5

Just a quick reminder if you are planning to attend Blake's Shower this Sunday to make a donation to Sergey's adoption by the Farley family.  You can donate online here: or bring a check/cash made out to Reece's Rainbow to the shower on Sunday and I will make sure it gets where it needs to go.

We have been out and about a few times...Mommy decided to take that little crazy girl and I to Walmart this morning...not sure what she was thinking?  I rode up top and she put the little stay-up all last night, cry, scream, and yell girl in the bottom of the cart.  Hehehe, she was covered in groceries by the time we were done.  Mommy kept the raisins and cheerios coming so I stayed content.  There was a trail of raisins all over that place-you could tell every aisle we went down. I just didn't like it when Mommy would put an item up in the top of the cart by me, as soon as she did, I reminded her I didn't like it there by tossing it over the side.  I even tried to hit the grouchy little chubby girl in the back a few times...hehehe.  The little chubby girl finished her raisins and cheerios and wanted out, so did I, but I was strapped in, she wasn't.  She started crying, like usual, so Mommy plugged her with that pink chewy thing she seems to love.  We were about halfway through the trip, when Mommy started freaking out, I wasn't sure why so I turned around to see what that crazy little girl was up too now...because she had quieted down, so I nearly forgot about her, I was just enjoying the peace and quiet for a minute...when I looked back I saw she was standing in the back of the cart holding an egg in her hands, waving it around, and so Mommy reached back to get it from her and that little chubby girl licked the outside of the egg....YUCK!  So Mommy had to carry 18 eggs in a carton in her arms, while pushing the cart, picking up everything I threw on the floor, the rest of the shopping trip. 

The other night we went to our first big gathering of people.  I attended my first birthday party.  It was a birthday party for some guy named Jesus.  It took us forever to get out the door because we were all loaded up and ready to leave and the little chubby girl filled her panties with something really Mommy said some naughty words and got her out and took her back inside to change her pants while we all sat in the van breathing in the stinch.  When they finally returned, she was not happy, of course...but on we went.  Everyone was wearing these shiny gold things on their heads when we got there.  There was paper and glue everywhere and the kids and their mommy's and daddy's were making angels or something that was supposed to resemble angels.  The big-red headed girl ripped her jacket off and immediately went to sit by her friends.  She tore through her angel ornament project, slapped a few pieces of colored paper on top with some glue and called it good.  It didn't even take her 5 minutes to finish, well, shoot, we hadn't even been there 5 minutes and she was asking the hostess if she could have a snack and when they could go play.  All the other kids were meticulously placing paper and glitter all over their prized projects making them look perfect...we still don't even know where the red-headed girl's quick art job ended up.  Anyway, we all went downstairs to read stories, well everyone else listened to a story about Jesus, I found a ball and crawled my way out of there.  I found some peace and quiet in the bathroom, plus the ball rolled really good in there.  After the stories, we went back upstairs for something called cake and ice must be something good because everyone started cheering and running up the stairs when the hostess announced it was time for that.  I think she was just getting tired of the red-headed girl I live with asking when they could eat.  Well, let me tell you, now I know why she was asking so much.  That cake stuff is Y.U.M.M.Y!!  See for yourself.  I enjoyed every bite.  Then I washed it all down with some ice cream, that was a hit as well.  So good, I can't wait for another one of these birthday party's.  The party wasn't for me, but I did get to open some presents the kid's brought for me.  I love boxes!  I had the most fun ripping the tissue paper out of the bags and putting it back in, plus I was eating up the attention, what can I say?  Not used to everyone paying attention to me.  I could get used to this.

Mommy and Daddy also took Autum and I out to eat the other night. We went to some place that smelled spicy inside.  When we sat down they brought us this basket of white things, I think they called them chips.  Then they poured some red sauce in a bowl and dipped the white things in the sauce and ate the chips.  They made a crunchy sound when they bit into them.  Well, Mommy crunched up a few and placed them in front of me to try.  I shoved them all in like usual and then it hit me...they were hard and crunchy and felt TERRIBLE on my tongue.  So I leaned over the side of my high chair and proceeded to spit them all out on the floor.  I started blowing my nose and spitting to get those terrible feeling things out of my mouth. Daddy was laughing and Mommy was gagging, but I managed to get it all out and my nose cleaned out at the same time.  I settled for just eating rice after that terrible encounter with chips.  No, thank you.  By the time we were done eating, the chubby little red head who ate most of Mommy's meal, and I had the whole entire floor covered in rice.  It was stuck to our shirts, our pants, our shoes, the high chairs, the floor, the table, the booth seats, my hair (because remember, I learned how cool it feels to rub food in my hair).  Mommy asked the waitress if she could help clean up the mess, I think she was embarrassed or something, but they told her not to worry about it.  I knew they wouldn't, I can't see what the big deal was anyway.  Mommy said something about throwing a few extra dollars on the table for the waitress when we left.  Hope they let us come back, I could go for some more rice.

Anyway, that is about all the outings we have made so far...other than to school to pick up the red-headed girl and back.  I can't wait to see where we head too next.  :)

And I can't wait to explain this picture...hehehe.

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