Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Card 2011

Was beyond what we could have imagined or asked for..
Filled with milestones, changes, and a journey across shore.
For starter's Leah turned 5 and started kindergarten half a day,
She told us her main focus was at recess to play!
She is on a junior cheerleading squad and performs at the Tabor games,
She is always jumping and cheering around the house leading us in chants and waves.
Autum turned 1 in October and is on the run,
She is getting quite the personality and loves following her big sis around for fun.
Now in May of this year we made a decision to adopt a 2-year old boy Internationally,
He stole our hearts at first sight, so we signed the papers, and off we took across the sea.
We spent 4 1/2 weeks in his country building a relationship that made our hearts soar,
And on Nov. 4th, the court made Blake Andrew Woods an orphan no more.
We arrived back in Kansas on Nov. 23,
Making Thanksgiving a special one by expanding our family tree.
Our house is filled with kids and is chaotic, crazy, and loud.
But we are thankful for God's blessings that abound!
I am only working out of the house Tuesday and Thursdays,
I exercise with adults with developmental disabilities.
The rest of the time is filled with entertaining 3 children and my spouse,
Yes, I even find some quiet time now and again, with the man of the house.
Jerad is still a Journeyman Lineman at Flint Hills Electric Coop. here in town,
He still finds a little time for his hunting and fishing, and loves to take Leah around,
It is a blessing to see a daddy and his daughter building a bond,
Even if it is just fishing for a few minutes at our city pond.
2011...no words or ways to describe what has been,
Only that God's hand has prevailed and lead us once again.
His grace, provision, and wisdom far abound our understanding or know,
But we continue to trust in Him for another year to come and go.
His will be done, and our daily Bread be given,
As we pray to glorify Him, a Savior born and risen!
God bless you all!
Love, Jerad, Anna, Leah, Blake & Autum

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