Monday, December 19, 2011

Rain On Sergey

Do you remember when Blake and Autum were telling you about a shower?  That we were going to "rain on Sergey" and the Farley family?  If not, read here.

Well, instead of gifts for Blake and us, we decided to have people bring donations in honor of another boy with Down Syndrome that lives in Eastern Europe who needs a Forever Family--his name is Sergey.  And his Forever Family is the Farley's.  They have been working since February of last year to get all the paperwork collected, etc. to bring their boy home.  Well, they are getting really close!  So we wanted to help out with the financial burden they still are facing.  We asked you all to pray and to donate in honor of Blake for his buddy Sergey.  And you did just that...

We got to see old friends who chose to stop in and surprise us!  We got to thank everyone who came, personally for supporting and encouraging our adoption.

We got to sip on some great drinks: apple cider, hot chocolate, and coffee.  YUMMY!

We got to swap mom stories with local friends.

We learned about Sergey and the Farley family through a beautiful display and pictures.

We opened a few gifts.

We cried when we didn't get anymore snacks.  Thank goodness Aunt Kate (my sis, if you couldn't tell..and no we are not twins) was there to help entertain.

We showed off our new walking skills to everyone.

We stayed near the drinks and snacks the entire time, to sneak a few more sips and bites of goodies when I wasn't looking.

We played with tissue paper.

We crawled between everyone's feet and all the chairs, minding our own business.

We put all the gifts back in the bags after we opened them.

We hugged on brother's teddy bear, and refused to give it back.

 But I think what I was most excited about was several, to see all the faces of the people who followed our journey and were touched by how God used Blake's story to bring glory to Himself.  And two, to be able to bless someone else through the very generous people we know.  I don't have a final count because I'm still receiving donations in the mail and some have been made online that I am unaware of...

But I am excited to be able to donate approximately $600 (in checks and cash I have been given) to the Farley family to help bring Sergey home!!!! (as of Friday)
So thank you friends, for your kindness and your generosity.  Thank you for being the hands and feet of God in defending the cause of the orphans.  And thank you dear friends, who hosted this shower in Blake's honor.  Everything was beautiful.  The drinks and food was great.  The atmosphere was exciting and God-honoring.  And my heart was filled with gratitude and joy.  I pray God blesses you all ten times as much for your willingness to give of your time, resources, money, and gifts.  
God Bless!!


  1. Thank you every one for your generosity and thank you Anna for your amazing heart to think of our family in this beautiful way. We feel so blessed! We are truly grateful:)