Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Daddy

About my Daddy:

I took a big interest in this dark-haired man upon our first meeting at my old home.  He had this interestingly deeper sounding voice than I had heard before.  Although, he never spoke much at first. And I noticed he had this scratchy stuff on his face.  There was only one other nanny at the orphanage who had a face that felt like that...her legs were the same way...But most of all I felt like this guy just 'got' me.  We had this connection right away, must be a boy thing.  I was always most excited to see him at each visit.  I wanted to get to know this guy better, he was so much fun!  I have had lots of mommy's go in and out of my life the past 2 year's, but never a daddy, so I just hoped and prayed that he would stick around. 

Well, here is what I have learned so far.  If I get up early enough, I get to see him before he goes out the back door.  For some reason, he leaves us everyday.  It makes me cry when I have to see him leave.  Mommy usually picks me up and fixes me breakfast so I forget about him leaving.  But I will go to the window throughout the day, as I think about it, and look for him.  Sometimes I will just play with his boots because they smell like him.  Plus they make the best sounds when thrown down the steps.  I'm starting to realize that he always comes back.  It's usually a race to the backdoor to greet him when he comes home.  That little chubby girl pushes me out of the way or steps on my hand so I can't crawl to him as fast.  She waddles up with her arms in the air hoping he will swoop her up first.  He usually does, but then he puts her down, much to her dismay, and scoops me up...then we wrestle!  My favorite thing to do with daddy.  He just knows how to play.  He throws me really high in the air and I yell and laugh.  Then he rolls me around on the floor and tickles my feet and my ribs, and it about sends me over the edge in laughter.  Then he puts me on his back and tells me to hang on while he tries to buck me off.  Sometimes that is scary, but I'm getting better at holding on.  All the while, the little chubby girl stands by and cries because she hates it when anyone is rough-housing....girls, I tell you...they just don't know how to have fun.  The big red-head, freckled girl always cuts in and tries to help me out, she will jump on daddy's back or pull his socks off while I'm being tickled.  I remember at my old house, that I did not like when daddy played with me like this, when he came to visit. It scared me and I would often whimper or try to push him away.  I did not know what this 'playing' was, or how it worked.  But now I know that daddy is safe so I can be myself with him.  I also now realize that playing is quite fun, it is nice to interact with someone in a way that makes me laugh and smile.  The most interaction I was used too was someone throwing a toy at me in my crib or rolling around in my walker.  There are only so many things you can do with those, and neither left me feeling happy. 

He also knows how to make the best sound effects when we play with my tractors and trucks.  He can make my tractor sound real.  He bangs them into things, and that makes an even cooler sound.  I love that!  We also learned how to roll the race cars down that chubby girl's indoor slide so they race across the kitchen floor, right under mommy's feet.  That chubby girl always messes it up, though.  She will sit on the end of the slide and clog up the race track, it makes me so mad, that I start throwing the cars at her head.  She just cries, go figure! 

The only thing I can't figure out is why he always hands me over to mommy when I poop.  He has changed my diaper 2 times now, and his eyes water and he coughs a lot...not sure why?  Mommy usually takes care of it now.  He always tells me to pull his finger when we are all wrestling...the big red-headed girl always does, and then runs away...daddy makes this horrible sound.  And then me and the chubby girl are left with a smell that makes our eyes water and our throats gag.  I am going to have to learn that trick, it could pay off when that chubby girl is really bothering me.

Well, I can't wait to share more about my daddy soon.  I might even share a few things I think about my mommy sometime soon as well...


  1. You should turn all of your blogs into a book. They are so much fun to read.