Monday, January 2, 2012

My New Year's Resolution to Nothing

Jerad and I have been talking a lot this week about how much our lives have revolved around BIG changes the past 6 years. So much so, that we have decided living in craziness is our life-calling..haha!  I guess we get bored if we have to sit still long.  That explains why I have 3 VERY active children, not sure why I complain when they don't sleep in, when they won't sit and watch TV longer than 20 minutes, why they are into everything, why they hate riding in cars, why they don't like to be cuddled and rocked for very long...and on and on.  But back to my first point...we have concluded that this year we DON'T WANT TO DO ANYTHING.  Everyone makes New Year's resolutions for change.  Ours is for NO change. 

Let me catch you up to speed on our lives the past 6 years.  I graduated college in December 2005. We had our first daughter in May 2006.  We moved to Kansas, and Jerad started a new job in October 2006.  Started new job January 2007, working at Parkside Homes, Inc--sent Leah to daycare for first time. We bought a house in January 2007 and I opened Woods Wellness out of our home. Started trying for baby #2 in May 2008. Expanded business to work with Disability Supports in Hutchinson and McPherson, started traveling 2 days a week to work in January 2009. Were told we couldn't have anymore baby's October 2009.  We moved into a rental house December 2009.   Found out we were expecting January 2010.  I moved my business to downtown Hillsboro in May 2010.  Moved into a new house September 2010.  Had Autum October 2010.  Committed to adopting Blake, May 2011.  Brought Blake home November 2011.  January 2012, rest. :)

So I have learned to "never say never." (After saying that, I realize my daughter's current obsession with Justin Bieber is rubbing off on me, because his movie is the first thing that came to mind when I typed that....oh wow!)  If you want to know why, read this.  See what I mean?

But I honestly feel like we need to rest this year.  I know this will be more difficult than being busy for us, honestly.  But I feel like I want to invest more time in building stronger relationships with my friends, for Jerad and I to get out, ALONE, more often, for us to say 'no' to more things offered to us, and just be home, and to let our hearts be changed evermore through God's work in our lives.  Simplicity is the theme of this year for us, I HOPE. 

We'll see, at about 4:45 am this morning as I was lying in bed listening to Blake cry, then waking up Autum and hearing her cry (because they share the same room), I began to think how this house was getting too small for us...

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