Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blake's Perspective...Part 3

Don't forget the shower this Sunday, make your donations to Danielle's adoption fund in honor of Blake.  I am honored to call her a friend!

My toys...Of course my favorite toy is anything that can be thrown really far and that makes a lot of noise when it lands!  Mommy and daddy got me a ball when they came to visit me at the orphanage, it is still one of my favorite toys.  I also received a new big, bouncy, rubber ball last week from a friend, and I have enjoyed playing with it now too.  I will roll it across the floor then scoot on my behind to retrieve it...I have actually worn out the seat in a pair of my pajamas from scooting so much.  I'm realizing, though, that I can crawl on all 4's now.  I can get places a lot quicker and easier than when I scoot or army crawl.  Plus, I am finding it easier to keep up with that little girl who always seems to outrun me to the next toy.  She thinks she is being sneaky by getting there faster and playing with the toy before I can, but I've learned all I have to do is crawl up to mommy and raise my hands up in the air and she picks me up...hehehe, that makes that little girl screech, now...whoowee!  For some reason that little girl likes to play with everything I do, she sees me with a toy, and then she wants it.  I have to push her away or cry so mommy will distract her.  She really hates it when I get to sit on mommy's lap and read books.  Mommy always says we can both sit on her lap to read, but that little girl just screams and pulls my hair, and that makes it hard to listen.  I like to open and close the books while mommy reads, I flip them over, and put them on my head.  I'm learning how everything works.

I also like my hammer that speaks Ukrainian, I received it for my birthday at the orphanage.  It bangs really loud on the tile floor.  It also works great as a weapon when I need it!  One smack to the head on that little crazy girl and she leaves me alone.  Mommy keeps getting on me for using it that way. 

I also like to throw my toys down the stairs, or in the toilet, in the bathtub and off the top of my indoor slide.  It makes me squeal with excitement when a toy crashes into the wall and makes A LOUD noise.  I get in trouble when I attempt to do this with mommy's cell phone.  Oops! Not sure what is so important about that thing, but she always gives me a look and says that word 'no.'  I guess that means the same thing as "nyet."  She shakes her head in the same way as my nanny's used too at my old house when they were getting on me for something naughty. 

A family in town was very thoughtful and brought over a box of tractors and trucks.  They are in a box under my bed, and every night before bed, and after my bath, daddy and I get that box out and play with each one.  Daddy rolls them over my head and down my arms, it really tickles.  Then he crashes them into the box and rolls them across the floor.  I like to mimic what he does.  He is so funny.  The loud, red-headed girl and the little chubby one like to come in and try to play with us, but they are girls, they don't know how to 'really' play with trucks and tractors.  I think they are just jealous of me and daddy's time. 

I also make toys out of everyday items.  I love to put things in boxes and then pull them out again, this is really entertaining to me.  I also have recently discovered that many of the drawers in mommy's kitchen have great items to play with.  I found a drawer containing lots of snack bowls and cups, I can clear that drawer out in no time.  Plus some of the cups make a really great pinging sound when I throw them on the floor.  Mommy has quit picking them up after me, she just leaves them lay on the floor.  I also love tearing the pages out of her cookbooks.  There is a big red one with some lady's name written on the front, it makes a really loud sound when I throw it down the stairs.  It must be kind of an important book because she moved it up to a higher shelf now. I also love to drag the bar stools around the kitchen floor.  I'll scoot backwards on my behind and pull the bar stool along behind me.  Scoot, tug....scoot, tug.  It is getting easier to move these chairs around now, probably because of all my practice.

There is a large green tree in our front room now too.  It has some great toys on it.  There are these shiny round balls that roll really far across the kitchen floor too.  That little chubby girl and I can remove all of them from the bottom of the tree before mommy catches us, if we work together.  Hehehe...
See all those toys on that tree?  They roll really far when thrown.

After a full day of play, I am usually sleepy for naptime and bedtime.  Plus I get a bath in between those times too, that is another highlight of my day.  I'm getting sleepy now so I'll tell you about that tomorrow.

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  1. haha. landen saw those toys and said, "those look like mine!" he had a hard time actually parting with them when the time came...and half of them he hid in the vehicle prior to dropping off the box. stinker...