Sunday, July 24, 2011

Your Grace is Enough!

Autum has been waking up extremely early again this week so needless to say this mama has had little rest.  But this morning as I was in her room rocking her back to sleep, I felt an amazing peace. (yes, even through the crying)  As I've followed Lisa and Dave's experience with Joshua and the sadness, frustration, loneliness, and fear come out of this experience for them, I can't help but feel a bit anxious.
I can't help but feel some fear creep into my mind.
I can't help but to stress a little. 
Quick Update: Here's another video of Blake's little buddy, Joshua.

Yet, this morning I took advantage of the stillness of the house at such an early hour and prayed.  I prayed for Lisa and Dave.  I prayed for a miraculous healing of Joshua so they can come home. (which by this video, shows no sign of illness!) :)  I prayed for Lisa's family during this time of mourning for the sudden loss of her sister.

I also prayed for God to provide some moisture to our area of the country, as we are in an extreme drought.  And so many of the families in our community rely on farming as a way of living--so their crops are being compromised by this month long series of triple digit heat.

I prayed for some dear friends of ours who have moved to another state as part of God's calling for them to pastor a church plant.  I prayed for their time of transition to a new area, for friends, for their children to adjust, for them to be transparent as God works in their lives.

I prayed for our troops.  I prayed for their families.

I prayed for our Prayer Warrior child, Nadine.  For her family to answer God's call on their heart to bring her home to their's. 

And finally, I prayed for Blake.  For him to continue to feel God's presence, for him to know we are still working to come get him, for his health.  For our adoption of him to move along smoothly and efficiently.  I prayed for our girl's to adjust to life with him being around.

What I realized at the end of this time...I walked into Autum's room exhausted, frustrated, and angry.  But as she quieted down and I left the room, I realized I needed this time.  God may be waking her up early this week so I can get some quiet time with Him, in solitude, before the craziness of our day begins. To pray.  To intercede.  To be humbled.

I walked into church this morning with a new attitude for the day.  And it was summed up by the words that my church family was singing..."God, I see your Grace is Enough...I'm covered in your love...Your Grace is Enough for me...So remember your people, remember your children, remember your promise, oh God!"
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  1. Powerful discoveries, my dear friend! Soooo glad you shared in detail! I've had restless, fearful sleep the last couple of nights...obviously something there I need to be bringing to the throne of God....

    Today in his teaching, hubby shared about how often he has found himself living as if God's grace was not enough, how he'd be feeling he needed x, y, or z to make it thru....and how convicting that song always is to him. Soooo..that song was onmy heart today! To hear that you all were singing it is pretty powerful!! God is so very good! All the time!

  2. Hey, you want to know the craziest part. Dave K. said "now if MK was here she'd be up with her hands in the air singing to this song because it's upbeat and gets you everybody get up and praise God." :)
    Sorry to hear you are having trouble resting..I'll be praying, let me know about Aby and about this restlessness