Monday, July 11, 2011

God's Messenger to Blake

Okay, so I received a story from Lisa and her husband, Dave.  They are currently in Eastern Europe at the same orphanage that Blake lives in, adopting their son, Joshua.  He and Blake are two of the youngest boys in this orphanage-only a few months apart in age.  She has been so gracious to send me pictures, updates, and information about the environment these boys have lived in since birth.  Here is a picture of their little man.  You can read her blog at: to get a feel for where Blake lives, etc.  She has been an amazing resource for us while we plan for what our trip ahead will be like. 
Anyway, she sent me this message this weekend..
"so I told you how Dave just loves your little guy, right? Well today we went to take Joshua back to his groupa that had been outside. We saw that the caregivers were no longer there and figured they all went in-but then we caught a glimpse of the cribs outside and saw 2 little children left and one was Blake. As we got to the area, though, one caregiver came out... Blake reached for her but she picked up the little girl first then was going to pick him up but I gestured that I would help and carry him in. So I picked him up and was walking behind the caregiver looking at Dave and sticking my tongue out that I got to hold him :) I whispered in his ear that soon his momma and papa would be coming for him and Dave said he smiled!!" 

Why this particular story gives me goosebumps is because Jerad and I's prayer since the day we committed to Blake has been for God to reveal to Blake that we were coming to get him.  For God to help him to know he has a family working hard to make him their own and for him to feel God's presence in this time of waiting. 

How Great is our God
Thank you, Lisa, for being a messenger and reassurance to what I think Blake already knows.

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  1. You did it again...made me cry!!! Our God is SUCH a GOOD GOD!! He is in the tiniest things...and the biggest things...and everywhere in between!! I can't wait to make the trip back from Omaha on the day you welcome him into your house!! What a DAY that will be!!!