Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Prayers

As many of us are preparing all our paperwork.
    Coming up with creative ideas for fundraising.
              Writing 'Thank-You's"..
       All the while, keeping the clothing washed, kids entertained, food on the table, garden growing, and husband happy.
               We forget to trust.  We forget to intercede for others.  We forget to pray.

So, here are the prayers on my heart this week, that I wholeheartedly ask you to lift up as well.
1. Pray for Nadine.  She is the little girl that Leah and I were entrusted with as Prayer Warriors.  We pray for her every night.  For a family to be touched by her little face and desire to make her their own.

2. Pray for Joshua and Lisa and Dave. Joshua has been Blake's buddy since birth.  Lisa and Dave just had their "Gotcha" Day Wednesday and were planning to be traveling home today with him-to their home in Michigan.  Well, Joshua came down with a sinus infection and the Ukraine Medical doctor is refusing to let them leave the country with him for fear of it being TB. (although, 2 other doctor's already denied that with testing)  So they risk being in-country another 3 weeks!!  PLEASE pray for this doctor to soften her heart.  You can read the rest of the story here.  It is heartbreaking.

3. Pray for those families whose children were taken off the adoption list because their special needs are no longer listed by law as important enough to be adopted yet.  Two of these include Cerebral Palsy and HIV.  My heart breaks for these families who have fallen in love with their children already, have begun fundraising, have finished all their paperwork, were preparing to travel, and now...nothing.  Pray that the law is changed soon.  For the sake of these children.
This is Maeve. She was going to be adopted by the same family as Blake.  But God had other plans and it did not work out for them to adopt either child.  So while we were blessed with Blake, Maeve is still looking for her Forever Family.

4. Pray for the children who do not have families, who are still waiting.

5. Pray for us.  Specifically, we are needing Blake's government to accept our paperwork and petition to adopt him.  Our medical documents aren't quite what they are requesting but because we are having a hard time getting that information, we are hoping they will be forgiving and accept it as is... Also that our fundraising and advocating of these children can be fruitful and God-honoring.

So my challenge to you this week is...pray.

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  1. you have me in on this! xxxxxxx maeve has my heart as well! x