Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Prayer for Peace

Do you remember a few day's ago when I asked you to pray for Joshua and his new Forever Family-Lisa and Dave?  Lisa is the woman who provided us with all the new pictures of Blake.  Here, I'll help remind you of who their little guy is...(he does not like bath time, as they are learning)

Anyway, I asked you to pray for their safe trip home...but they have run into some MAJOR hold-ups.  They are still in Eastern Europe because Joshua (pictured at right) had a mass show up on his right lung during his routine X-Ray before leaving his country.  Long story short, they believe it could be either TB or Pneumonia...and they keep getting conflicting reports on this--even though he has been vaccinated for TB and has shown no symptoms of this...they are asking him to stay in-country for 6-8 more weeks or undergo a difficult procedure in a foreign country with doctor's she does not know...anyway, go here to read the entire story.  If that wasn't enough, Lisa's older sister was found dead in her apartment by her mother Monday night...yeah, makes me stick to my stomach to type this...which was about as unexpected as Joshua's diagnosis. 
...I feel like Lisa is family in some sort of weird way because of our two boy's being in the same groupa, similar ages, play-time buddies, etc.  She has a heart like ours and answered the call to adoption, just as we did.  She loves God and trusts Him completely.  She is broken right now.  She is hurting.  She is torn between consoling her hurting family at home and making a VERY hard decision about their new son.  So she is asking us to PRAY.  PRAY WITHOUT CEASING.  Even though you don't know her, do it for us. 
Pray for crazy peace.
Peace only God can instill in her heart. 
Pray for God's will to be done. 
Pray for a miraculous healing of Joshua's lungs before tomorrow. 
Pray for Joshua's doctor to have compassion on this family. 
Pray for the State Department and for the CDC to make a decision to bring Joshua to the U.S.

Thank you.  We  know God hears our cries.  He knows our hearts.  He loves to help His children.  So intercede on behalf of this family. 
In Him,


  1. Oh this breaks my heart...praying for Lisa and her dear family during this huge trial. What a test of faith!!
    - Amy

  2. Oh, Anna! My heart is breaking for Lisa and her family! The enemy is alive and well and obviously very busy attacking her family. I am praying for them...and for you! What a joy fo rher to know a "friend" back hom eis covering them inprayer and beseeching others to do the same!!

    In the words of Joshua 1: Be strong an very courageous....The Lord your God goes before you...